Big Cat Rescue Wants to be the Only Big Cat Sanctuary

Big Cat Rescue Wants to be the Only Big Cat Sanctuary

That is the lie that animal abusers tell everyone to try and change the subject from protecting exotic cats to a message of mere competition.

Lion vs Tiger


They trot out their modified version of our 20 year plan to back up their ridiculous claims, but they leave out the most important part of the plan, which is that there no longer be big cats suffering in captivity, and thus no longer a need for sanctuaries, including Big Cat Rescue’s sanctuary.

As the public becomes better educated about why it is so wrong to breed wild cats for life in cages, they will cease to support industries that breed them as pay to play props, for circuses and other abusive purposes.  There will temporarily be an increased need for real sanctuaries, which are those who meet the following standards.

1.  Real sanctuaries do not breed exotic cats for life in cages.

2.  Real sanctuaries do not buy wild cats.

3.  Real sanctuaries do not sell their wildlife.

4.  Real sanctuaries do not let the public, nor their staff or volunteers handle the big cats, other than for veterinary purposes.

5.  Real sanctuaries do not endanger the public and the big cats by taking them off site for exhibition.


Big Cat Rescue LOVES real sanctuaries and helps them by:


1.  Providing guidance on best practices to help the sanctuary qualify for and obtain accreditation through the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

2. Hosting workshops and conferences for those who want to do the right thing for wild animals.

3.  Training volunteers and international interns in understanding that each animal is an individual who is to be respected and treated with dignity.

4.  Sending work groups of our own volunteers out to help after disasters and when other sanctuaries are short handed.

5.  Sharing the secrets of our success with those who demonstrate clearly that they are putting the animals first.


Those who exploit wild animals for their own gain hate us because they don’t want the public to know that:


1.  There is no reason to breed big cats in cages, as none of them in private hands can ever be set free.

2.  There is no captive breeding program that benefits conservation, other than AZA administered SSP programs.

3.  Paying to play with a cub or see one on display actually harms conservation efforts.

4.  Tigers could disappear from the wild because of the smoke screen caused by their legal breeding of generic tigers.

5.  A ban on private possession is the first step toward saving tigers in the wild.

Exploiters claim that if the Big Cats & Public Safety Act were to pass that they would be put out of business and wouldn’t be able to help “rescue” lions, tigers, leopards, ligers and other exotic cats, but that isn’t true.  Big Cat Rescue is one of the most successful sanctuaries in the world and we do it by being open, honest and treating the cats with kindness and respect.  We want sanctuaries to thrive, and they can do that if they employ the same attitudes and behaviors that we have in being a real sanctuary.

Any real sanctuary, who is doing their work for the animals and not their own sense of satisfaction, will share our goal of a world where all wild cats live free.

Now at Big Cat Rescue Oct 14 2014

Now at Big Cat Rescue Oct 14 2014

Cat Chat Show 67



Carole records a day in the life of the sanctuary via Google Glass and the iPhone 5s. Jumanji Leopard gets a stick stuck across the roof of his mouth, Apache and Divinity Bobcats move to a new Cat-a-Tat, but Divinity puts up a fight. Cats get mint and Halloween treats for enrichment, including the Texas Tigers, Reno, Raindance Bobcat, Windstar Bobcat, Anasazie and Will the Bobcats and a load of trees arrive in this DailyBigCat 2014 10 14. #ThroughGlass


Cougars at Big Cat Rescue


Mouse over each cougar image to see who it is.  Watch for our daily posts on Facebook, G+ and Twitter for updates about these Mountain Lions.

Cougars at Big Cat Rescue Cougars at Big Cat Rescue Cougars at Big Cat Rescue Cougars at Big Cat Rescue Cougars at Big Cat Rescue Cougars at Big Cat Rescue Cougars at Big Cat Rescue Cougars at Big Cat Rescue Cougars at Big Cat Rescue Cougars at Big Cat Rescue



Individual with Greatest Fundraising Total

First place medallion, tickets to Disneyworld and a 2 night stay at an Orlando 5-star resort.


Individual with Most Number of Donors
Sunday brunch for 2 at Oyster Catcher’s at the Grand Hyatt and an afternoon at popular Florida Aquarium.

The VIP Lounge is open to individual walkers raising at least $500 and Teams raising $1,000 or more at this year’s Stride for Strays.  Just wear your “VIP Dog Tag” and hang with the Big Dogs at the VIP Star Lounge  It’s a whole new VIP experience at Stride.


(Open To All Registrants)
Submit your favorite “I saved a life” (send to for the chance to have it featured in an upcoming ACT or Stride for Strays email blast. It could be a story about how you saved an animal in need of medical attention, or how the money raised through Stride for Strays saved a life… whatever story you have directly related to saving the life of an animal.

Awarded for to the team with the greatest fundraising total to show off for the entire upcoming year!  The ongoing tradition of Stride…
1.    Golden Dog Bone Award:First Place Team

2.    Golden Mutt Award: Second Place Team
3.    Golden Pack: Most Team Members
4.    Golden Spirit Team:  Most Enthusiastic Team

all day events:

Auditions will be held at the Sam Ivy tent starting at 10am for a $5 in the fire bucket entrance fee. Ten final contestants will be chosen for the costume contest hosted by guest MC Veronica Cintron from Bay News 9!  First, second & third place trophies will be awarded.

Sign up for the dog eating contest for $5 entrance fee. Six final contestants will be chosen to compete for the First Place Gift Certificate from Just Grillin;
$10 gift certificates to
each entrant.

Have a glass of wine or beer while you
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Have way cool fun with your dog
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You won’t believe what your dog can do for just $5 in the fire bucket!


Have your picture taken with Tampa’s finest on the Fire Truck or with the K9 City Policemen for a $5 in the fire bucket.  We’ll also have real NYC firetrucks and dalmatians!  It’s an opportunity to be on ACT’s next calendar!

For individuals raising over $200 in donations.  The more you raise, the more raffle tickets you get.  See “Walker & Team Info” at for more info.

Craft Beer Brew Kit
Galaxy Tablet & Nook
Flat Screen TV
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Clearwater Marine Aquarium Tickets
16×20 Customized
Canvas Print
Family Night Out

Thanks Again to Our Great Sponsors
We couldn’t do it without you!  Special thanks also to our returning sponsor Big Cat Rescue and all of the vendors and rescue groups that will be joining us Sunday.  See you there!
Register or make a donation today at

Now at Big Cat Rescue Oct 11 2014

Your Honest Opinion


We are trying something new with our main YouTube channel at  In the past we would launch one video per week and make sure it was the best we could offer, with concise editing, music and scripted dialogues where necessary.

Anything else we filmed, such as keeper walk abouts, long form videos, mini clips, etc. would be posted at our secondary channel

It dilutes our branding to divide our videos across two channels, but we don’t want our loyal primary channel viewers at to be annoyed with a subscription to videos that would not ordinarily have made the cut.

In the comments below would you answer this question?

Do you prefer all of our videos to be on one channel at




Now at Big Cat Rescue Oct 9 2014

Now at Big Cat Rescue Oct 9 2014

Tiger Swims, Bobcat Runs and Jungle Cat gets Scratched


Alex the Bobcat goes back home.

The flooding at the sanctuary has the roadways being used by ducks.

Working on a room addition for Jumanji the black leopard.

Playing with kittens.

Moving Mickey Cougar back out to his Cat-a-Tat.

Our new net launcher arrives for catching injured bobcats at a distance.

Enrichment Committee makes a huge candle for Nik Tiger’s birthday, but he mostly just needs to pee.

Sundari Leopard gets locked up so she can get some new platforms.

Willow’s first attempt and using the telescoping back scratcher to help Rambo Jungle Cat with his grooming.

Zeus Tiger comes home from “vacation” in Vacation Rotation enclosure.

You saw TJ tiger in SloMo in the water, but here is some full speed video of him having fun in the lake.




Join me for unlimited drinks, food, dancing to support the cats

The Centre Club at Westshore and Kennedy is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a party that is the bargain of the century and will help fund the surgery on Mickey the cougar’s other leg.

For only $30 you get unlimited hand crafted cocktails, delectable hors D’oervres by their expert chef, live music, dancing, silent auction, all the in elegant setting of this exclusive dining club.

What a deal! Please come join me on Saturday, October 18 for a fun evening that will help us provide Mickey with the medical treatment he needs.

To reserve call 813-286-4040 or visit


Enrichment in a Puzzle Box Quiz for Cats





Big Cat Rescuers help researcher determine if cats can figure out a puzzle



and if they do, can they remember how they figured it out a few days later?


Cats are VERY smart.  The question in our mind is whether the puzzle makes sense to a cat?


Each cat has their own way of approaching the challenge.


As in life, it doesn’t matter if they win or lose.  The fun is in playing the game.


TJ Tiger

Now at Big Cat Rescue Oct 7 2014

Now at Big Cat Rescue Oct 7 2014

Oct. 6, 2014 Jupiter, FL:  A construction worker lost his thumb after being bitten by a tiger at Zoological Wildlife Foundation (a ZAA member)  owned by a convicted felon and suspected drug kingpin, Mario Tabraue.  Visitors to the zoo are encouraged to interact with the animals in the vast collection, which includes an alligator, different types of monkeys, birds, two different kinds of anteater, a fox and other exotic creatures.

In December 1987, the Associated Press reported that Tabraue was arrested as part of a sting operation targeting a drug-trafficking ring that killed an informant and dismembered his body while smuggling in a half-million pounds of marijuana. During the trial, witnesses recounted how Tabraue and an associate allegedly carved up the corpse of federal informant Larry Nash with a circular saw, dumped it in a horse trough and set it alight. Tabraue’s drug-smuggling operation allegedly imported 500,000 of tons of pot and more than 200lbs of cocaine from Colombia, earning him $75million in profit.

Now Tabraue funds Frank Vitello, a lobbyist to thwart the Big Cats & Public Safety Act which would put an end to the private collection of big cats.



Video of Bengali Tiger playing with his Halloween Mummy coming soon!  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube and Facebook pages so you never miss a fun, big cat post.

Enrichment-Tiger-Bengali-Halloween-Mummy_1170 Enrichment-Tiger-Bengali-Halloween-Mummy_1170 Enrichment-Tiger-Bengali-Halloween-Mummy_1170 Enrichment-Tiger-Bengali-Halloween-Mummy_1174 Enrichment-Tiger-Bengali-Halloween-Mummy_1175 Enrichment-Tiger-Bengali-Halloween-Mummy_1176 Enrichment-Tiger-Bengali-Halloween-Mummy_1177 Enrichment-Tiger-Bengali-Halloween-Mummy_1178 Enrichment-Tiger-Bengali-Halloween-Mummy_1179 Vacation-Rotation-Cameron-Lion_1169 Vacation-Rotation-Zabu-white-tiger_1164 Vacation-Rotation-Zabu-white-tiger

Lions and tigers and bobcats are playing with Halloween pumpkins and mummies

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