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Today at Big Cat Rescue Jan 27 2013

  Santino Serval Goes to Vet   Santino Serval has been on Marin for the past year and eagerly takes his meds in meat each night, so when he didn't want to get up for Angie last night, she called Gale, who called Dr Wynn, resulting in a request to bring him in to Ehrlich Animal Hospital. Gale easily netted him as he felt to bad to put up a fight and she and Chris scooted him into the squeeze cage. Upon arrival, Santino was sedated by Dr Danielson so that all would be ready to roll as Dr Wynn Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Jan 25 2013

Gerrard Larriett Announces Partnership with Charles the Monarch to Raise Funds for Big Cat Rescue New York, NY (January 24, 2013), Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care announces their partnership with Charles the Monarch to raise funds for Big Cat Rescue. The partnership aims to raise $10,000 for Big Cat Rescue by donating 10% of the proceeds from the sale of Gerrard Larriett products. In addition, customers will receive 25% off of the purchase of Gerrard Larriett grooming products from their website with promo code “Charles.”  “We Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Jan 20 2013

Today we had a grrreat work group from USF come out and do some major brush clearing so that the cats on the tour path can see all the way out to the new Vacation Rotation cage. The weather was spectacular and the visitors all seemed to enjoy the tours, the cats and are purr-fectly wonderful crew. Read More

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Florida Panther Facts

Protect the Florida Panther or Lose Her Forever What is the Species? Puma concolor coryi. The Florida Panther is a subspecies of cougar that has adapted to the subtropical environment of Florida. How Many Panthers Are Left? Only 80 to 100 panthers still remain in Florida, making this one of the most rare and endangered mammals in the world. Where is their Habitat? Florida Panthers are usually found in pinelands, hardwood hammocks, and mixed swamp forests. Adult males may range over an area of 200 square miles, while females range Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Jan 15 2013

Save the Lion! What is a "typical" day at Big Cat Rescue like?   1. How many people work on an average day? The Full Time staff work 5 day weeks and volunteer on their days off to keep up their privileges to work with the cats.  Our volunteer program requires a minimum of 4 hrs per week for Red, 6 hours per week for Yellow and 8 hours per week for Green.  Only Green can take care of the lions, tigers and leopards.  All of our staff currently keep Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Jan 11 2013

Goodbye to Willow the Siberian Lynx   Female Siberian Lynx DOB 5/6/94 1/3/2013 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 6/1/94   Willow (on right) was born at a fur farm in Canada. We had bought all of the kittens the farm had and they were shipped here in crates so small that the kittens could not move. The little wire crates appeared to be full of sticky, smelly gray fur. We opened the crates and pulled out the contents, and found a group of soiled, starving, sick and stressed little kittens. None of them died in transit, which was Read More

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Bobcat News

Your One Stop Source for All Articles About Bobcats   These headlines linked to the story when it broke, but news portals often change their link structure after the first day, so some articles may not load. Follow Big Cat Rescue so that you never miss an important bobcat story. Bobcat Bobcats are persecuted throughout their range by sport hunters and fur trappers.  The best way to end animal abuse is to expose it.  These articles are curated so that it is easy for people to find the information and to add their voices to the Read More

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Mountain Lion News

Your One Stop Source for All Mountain Lion News

Mountain Lion

mountain lion

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