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23 documented Florida panther deaths last year

MIAMI -- Wildlife experts say there were 23 documented Florida panther deaths last year.The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says Monday that 16 of these panthers died after being hit by vehicles. Another six deaths are attributed to panthers killing each other and one panther died of unknown causes.Experts say the figures are similar to 2009, where there were 25 documented deaths, with 17 of those killed by vehicles. Since 1967, Florida panthers have been listed federally as an endangered Read More

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Skip the Bobcat Rescue

Skip the Bobcat Rescue   I was right in the middle of sending an email to LaWanna about some promotions she was dreaming up for the site when Honey Wayton, our gift shop manager called and relayed an urgent message.   A woman had called to say they had found a bobcat alongside the highway and had it loose in their SUV and wanted to know what to do next because it was getting pretty mad.   Obviously this was their first bobcat rescue, because no one makes that mistake twice.  I called the woman Read More

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Big Cypress National Preserve Going Too Far With ORV Access, Panther Impacts

Balancing its many mandates brings much criticism to the National Park Service. Working to preserve landscapes and resources, provide for the public's enjoyment, and addressing various constituencies at times seemingly is a no-win situation. With so many different interests, the Park Service almost constantly is being pulled in opposing directions when it comes to developing management approaches. The ongoing debates over motorized access in Yellowstone National Park (snowmobiles) and Cape Hatteras National Seashore (off-road vehicles) Read More

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Scientists: 29 Fla. panther kittens born in 2010

NAPLES, Fla. -- State wildlife officials say there were 29 documented Florida panther kittens born in 2010, and another 30 to 40 likely were born to unmonitored panthers.That compares to just 11 documented kittens born in 2009.The numbers may indicate a big leap in panther population growth - especially compared to 23 documented panther deaths this year - but not all of the kittens survive.Scientists believe less than 120 Florida panthers remain in the wild, though they are running out of habitat. Only 24 of those big cats have radio collars. Of Read More

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FL Panther Deaths in 2010 near Record High

Special page: Florida panther1:10 A.M. — Wildlife researchers recovered the carcass of a Florida panther Thursday in Collier County, bringing this week’s body count for the endangered species to three.The panther recovered Thursday, a 1 1/2-year-old female, is the 23rd documented death this year, two short of the record set in 2007.This year, 16 panthers have been killed by vehicles; six, including the most recent cat, have been killed by other panthers; the cause of one death is unknown.Panther mortality has been high over the past four years: Read More

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22nd Florida Panther Found Dead This Year

For the second time in four days, state wildlife biologists have found an endangered Florida panther dead in Southwest Florida.This afternoon, biologists recovered the carcass of a 5-year-old male panther on Lee County Port Authority mitigation land north of Corkscrew Road in Lee County.The panther showed no outward signs of being hit by a vehicle, attacked by another panther or foul play; the cause of death is unknown, said Florida panther project scientist Dave Onorato.The carcass is being taken to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Read More

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Developer Privately Funding Building Wildlife Crossing

Crossings, or underpasses for wildlife, aren’t a priority for county government so having a private developer step to the plate to pay for one is that much more important, Payton said.GOLDEN GATE ESTATES — Environmentalists are wild about a new privately funded road crossing that’s expected to save the lives of Florida panthers and other wildlife.The developer of City Gate Commerce Park in Collier County is paying for the crossing as part of a Habitat Conservation Plan, which it created in partnership with local environmentalists.The plan, Read More

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2 Florida panthers killed in Collier County

December 13, 2010 11:46 A.M. — Two Florida panther deaths have been reported by Fish and Wildlife Commission officials.A 2- to 3-year-old male was found Sunday on U.S. 27, south of Moore Haven. Officials say he was struck by a vehicle.This morning, a Collier County sheriff's deputy reported seeing a panther get struck and killed a vehicle on Golden Gate Boulevard, between 5th and 7th Streets NW.FWC officials recovered the carcass of a young male panther, who was approximately 1 1/2 years of age. An 8-month-old female kitten was killed at this Read More

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THE TRUTH ABOUT TIGERS   A film by Shekar Dattari   "The Truth About Tigers is an unflinching look at the ground realities that prevail in India's forests. It’s a film that tells it like it is, and it is a must see for all those who are interested in helping to save this remarkable animal. The film guides the viewer through the life of the tiger, from birth to death, clearly explaining the reasons why tigers are declining. More importantly, it provides pointers on what the government should do to reverse Read More

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Conservation, not conversation

Poachers are hunting down tigers across Asia and Russia for their skin, bones, and even private parts to sell on the lucrative wildlife black market. With populations dwindling, the world’s remaining 3200 wild tigers could use some help - and fast. And certainly, it looks like people from around the world are uniting to save the tiger - by declaring their intention, over and over. Next week, 400 participants from around the world will gather in Russia for the seventh meeting in two years on how to save the tiger — if they raise a tonne Read More