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Santino Serval

Male Serval DOB 11/1/1998 Rescued 4/29/2011 Sponsor Santino A woman in NY was battling cancer, her sister had run off leaving her with her three children ages 6-17 and her home was in foreclosure…. She also had five servals living in her basement! She would never be able to rent an apartment to keep her five servals and was left no choice but to try and find them a new home. After careful consideration  we decided that we were able to rescue the 5 servals  Read More

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  Female Serval DOB 1/1/00 Rescued  5/25/10   A  pet Serval was confined to a tiny, two room apartment for the past 10 years. She was housed with a domestic cat, presumably for the purpose of breeding Savannah Cats which can fetch as much as $26,000. Her life was about as boring as can be imagined since she had to be kept secreted away from the world, but all of that was about to change.   Her owner was so ill that she needed intensive hospital care, but having no relatives and no one she could turn to, it was up Read More

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Male White Serval DOB 4/22/99   Pharaoh’s coat is snow white and his spots are a silvery gray, just like his brother Tonga, although he has two unusual dark yellow spots and one black spot on his shoulder and his hind leg. There was a time when we believed that breeding exotic cats would save them from extinction and while that may be true we later concluded that it was not our right to impose captivity upon another creature to ensure that it would be here for the benefit of man. We ceased intentional breeding of all of our cats Read More

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Female Serval DOB 9/16/96   Kalahari and Serengeti were pets that became unwanted after a divorce. Even people with the best intentions are not usually prepared for the life time commitment involved in owning an exotic cat. Kalahari is smaller than her sister Serengeti, and she has a chronic heart condition for which she must be given medication every day. Several of the cats at Big Cat Rescue have chronic conditions that require medications on an ongoing basis. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to get a wild cat to eat their medication. Read More

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Male White Footed Serval DOB 1/1/95   Frosty  is the father of the only two white servals in the world, which were born here at the sanctuary. Big Cat Rescue stopped breeding in the mid 1990’s because there is no reason to breed an exotic cat for a life in a cage. Frosty loves when you toss him a snack and will jump as high in the air as he can to catch it before it falls. Frosty is quite acrobatic and if a keeper tosses him a treat, he will jump high into the air to try to catch it before it hits the ground. Frosty is much more stocky Read More

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CLEO-CAT-TRA Female Serval DOB 8/11/1997 DOD 2/25/2014 Cleo arrived at Big Cat Rescue when her former owners no longer wanted her. People almost always discover within the first year or two that exotic cats don’t make good pets. Cleo is smaller than most of our servals. She also has very dark brown eyes. Most servals have golden colored eyes. Cleo has a very sweet disposition and loves extra attention. Most of our servals were rescued from people who got them as pets and were not prepared for the fact that male or female, altered Read More

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Male Serval DOB 3/1/91 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue  4/4/95 Bongo came to Big Cat Rescue from an auction on 4/4/95. He had been raised as a house pet, but his owner could no longer afford to feed and care for him. She warned us that he doesn’t like people in dark pants or uniforms. He has the most beautiful, big brown eyes ever to grace a Serval face. He gets very aggressive over food, but is otherwise gentle. He is also a favorite of one of the Senior Keepers and will turn into a chirping little kitten vying for her attention Read More

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Female Serval DOB 4/1/89 Rescued  6/17/97   Arizona arrived at Big Cat Rescue 6/17/97 and is thought to be quite old. She is fully clawed and very aggressive at feeding time. Arizona loves enrichment time, her favorite thing is a food puzzle made out of a cardboard tube stuffed with treats and feathers. Other than when she is being fed Arizona keeps to her self hidden in the thick foliage provided by several palmetto bushes. Arizona is the oldest serval living at Big Cat Rescue and probably in the world.     Sponsor Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue May 7 2013

National Geographic Moment   I was talking to a reporter about the new arrivals and noticed that a baby Cardinal had fallen out of the tree and onto Mary Ann the bobcat's jungle gym perch. The mother and father Cardinals were working desperately to lure Mary Ann away from the baby, so it could hop down to the ground outside her cage, but the baby was confused.     The baby wanted to watch the show from his perch on Mary Ann's platform. Mary Ann was so intrigued with these crazy Cardinals, who were just taunting her Read More

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AdvoCat 2013 05

Most Daring Rescue Ever!   Nine exotic cats and two other wild animals were confiscated from a dilapidated Atchison, Kansas, property yesterday after authorities discovered that the animals had been abandoned in their enclosures without access to food or clean water. The Atchison County Sheriff’s Office seized one tiger, two cougars, three bobcats, two lynx, a serval and two skunks under the state’s Dangerous Regulated Animals Act and the animal cruelty code. The Humane Society of the United States, Big Cat Rescue, In-Sync Exotics Read More