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Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 28

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 28 More pumpkin antics by big cats: Every day is exciting at Big Cat Rescue!   Our wonderful and creative volunteers created Jack O Lanterns on Wednesday and installed glow sticks on Friday so that the Halloween Night Tour had an extra special effect to their tour.   Even though it sprinkled rain all day the keepers diligently cared for the cats while the customer relations crew gave tours and restocked the gift shop.  Jamie finished up the tracking project for with the help of Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 14

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 14 Last Two Days to Vote and we REALLY need your help! If you live in LA, TX, FL,AZ, CO, NM and Texarcana, AR and Salt Lake City, UT and at least 13 years of age or older we need you to vote 5 times a day for Big Cat Rescue to win $25,000. Voting ends tomorrow! You can do all 5 votes in a row each day. Our code number is 0063. Here is a flyer to post: Albertsons $25,000 Contest Flyer An easy URL to remember is Please vote every day! To Read More

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TY Male Serval DOB 6/1/93 - 1/24/13 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue  6/18/98 Ty came to Big Cat Rescue on 6/18/98. His previous owners had become worried that Ty, who has all of his claws, would harm their young children. The breeder had told them that if they raised Ty with their infant son they would bond forever. By the time Ty was three, the boy was still a toddler and Ty went after him. The parents had visited Big Cat Rescue before and felt that Ty would have a comfortable and happy home here. His owners caught him up in a crab trap Read More

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LUCKY Female Serval DOB 4/1/93 - 4/20/12 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue  6/6/93 Lucky arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 6/6/93 from an auction in Okeechobee, Florida. Although she is hissy she has never shown any real hostility toward people. She is happy to spend her time chasing lizards and lounging under her large trees. She was named Lucky because this serval was very lucky to find a home like Big Cat Rescue where she can do all the things that come naturally to her and not forced to conform to the role of a housepet. Lucky died on April Read More

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ESMERELDA Female Serval   DOB 3/1/92 - 10/10/2011   Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 4/30/95   Esmerelda came to Big Cat Rescue in April of 1995 with her mate, Medicine Man.   Their previous owner gave them up because the Medicine Man had terminal cancer. We named him Medicine Man and despite all our efforts with both traditional and holistic medicine, he died a year later.   Esmerelda is one photographer’s favorite subject since she poses with such enthusiasm, as if to say, "Look at me! I’m gorgeous!" Read More

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Zoul Serval

Zoul Male Serval DOB 3/1/1997 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 4/29/2011 A woman in NY was battling cancer, her sister had run off leaving her with her three children ages 6-17 and her home was in foreclosure…. She also had five servals living in her basement! She would never be able to rent an apartment to keep her five servals and was left no choice but to try and find them a new home. After careful consideration we decided that we were able to rescue the 5 servals and immediately went into action. All the servals currently at the sanctuary Read More

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Rarest Cat in the World? DENTAL SURGERY

Rarest Cat in the World? DENTAL SURGERY


TONGA, a very rare White Serval – (Only two in the world that we know of) was found to have a broken tooth. We assessed the tooth and decided that the best thing to do was to capture Tonga and take him to the veterinary clinic where it could be treated.




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