Today at Big Cat Rescue June 17 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue June 17 2013

Tigers For Tigers Coalition Update


Tigers at Big Cat Rescue

Tigers at Big Cat Rescue

The National T4T Coalition has been very productive since the conference in April. So far we have developed and sent letters to our congressmen asking for their support for H.R.1998. We also developed an informational sheet on the influence of crime syndicates on wildlife trade.

Last week, members of the coalition were in Washington DC with David Houghton of the National Wildlife Refuge Association and Tracy Coppola of the International Fund for Animal Welfare to meet with congress to discuss a variety of initiatives. We worked with the National Wildlife Refuge Association to ask congress to support the Multinational Species Conservation Fund of the USFWS’s Wildlife Without Borders program by transferring $50 million from USAID to FWS to combat wildlife trafficking and trade throughout the world. We met with members of the senate appropriations committee and others. It was a great success and everything was well received.

We also asked for their support to re-authorize the Save Vanishing Species stamp of the U.S. postal service to supplement conservation efforts. We worked with Tracy to ask support for the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act and met with senators of Louisiana, South Carolina, Missouri and Maryland. From my impressions, the staffers were willing to consider the bill and were going to report all of our concerns and asks to their boss. Pete Stone, our film director, attended the trip to DC as well and is currently producing a documentary of our efforts.

We are currently working on a social media campaign for the summer months. The goals of the social media campaign is to provide information on tiger conservation and their issues, take action by providing our facebook friends with links to make a difference, and increase our recruitment for the upcoming academic year. We will be working with USFWS to promote the Save Vanishing Species Stamp, NWRA in support of the Multinational Species Conservation Fund and IFAW and Big Cat Rescue on the Big Cats bill.

We just received a new school on board the national coalition, the University of West Alabama. We look forward to collaborating with them soon. The coalition is now working to collaborate on local initiatives that they can implement at their own schools in their own capacity.

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Thank you, Sean Carnell #NT4TC



Today at Big Cat Rescue June 17 2013

White tiger Zabu in the pool

Whats Wrong With Swimming With Tiger Cubs?

Just about everything


First of all, despite the lies that the breeder told you, those cubs were not “orphaned” or “rejected.”  That is just the terminology that exploiters use to make you feel good about them purposely breeding litter after litter of lions and tigers, ripping them from their mothers and pimping them out so you can have your picture made with a cub.

Using lion cubs and tiger cubs as photo props is bad enough, but some back yard breeders have figured out a way to make even more money:  Swim with tiger cubs.


Why swimming is dangerous to cubs:


Swim With Tiger Cubs is Abuse

Pools are kept clean by the use of salts and chemicals including chlorine.

The National Center for Health Sciences says “… perhaps the most serious exposure is to modern household cleaners, which may contain a number of proven and suspect causes of cancer.” Cleaning products with ingredients such as bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers or formaldehyde can put pets at risk for cancer, anemia, liver and kidney damage.

Even when the toxic cleaners are put away and closed, the vapors left behind can continue to harm both us and our pets.

Chlorine is a toxic respiratory irritant that can damage pets’ skin, eyes or other membranes. Chlorine is heavier than air and lands in low-lying areas where pets live. Because your pets are smaller and breathe faster than adults, they are even more vulnerable than children to toxic exposure.


Other resources echo the  National Center for Health Sciences by saying,


“I would caution against exposing your cat to bleach, because it can induce serious health effects depending on dose and mode of exposure, ranging from asthma to third-degree burns to carcinogenesis. If they are attracted to it, that is a good reason to keep it away from them to prevent them ingesting it, which is more harmful than inhaling the fumes.”




Chlorine is especially harmful to both pets and people that have thyroid issues as well as anyone with glandular imbalances. Chlorine can also aggravate allergies, dry coats, recurring infections and chronically poor immune systems.


Endocrine Disrupting Compounds


There are other harmful chemicals like chlorine in our environment. Dr. Michael W. Fox. DVM has pinpointed what he calls endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) in our environment. EDCs can be found not only in industrial pollutants, chemical fertilizers and untreated sewage, but also in common household products such as plastics, clothing, floor material and the lining of food cans. Dr. Fox believes these EDCs make their way into our animals’ food and water, and then disrupt the animal’s entire endocrine and immune systems. With the immune system compromised, our pets are susceptible toallergies, chronic skin diseases and recurrent infections of the ears and urinary tract. EDCs might also be linked to digestive system disorders such as:

Chronic colitis


Inflammatory bowel disease

Metabolic and hormonal disturbances




Endocrine disorders of the pancreas and adrenal glands


Just about anyone who works with cats can tell you that chlorine must be completely rinsed away after disinfecting because even tiny traces of the chemical will strip the cats’ short intestinal tract of the good flora that allows it to operate.  This can result in extreme sickness and death.


There is not one good reason to pay to play with cubs, but so many reasons why it is cruel and shows you to be utterly lacking in concern for animals.  Please don’t add to their abuse by paying to see, touch, pose or swim with big cat cubs.



Today at Big Cat Rescue May 17 2013

Today is Endangered Species Day


Today is Endangered Species Day. Take a moment today to enjoy the spectacular endangered pandas and polar bears on live cams. Learn more about elephantstigers, and gorillas. And celebrate the triumph of the ospreys with Rachel and Steve – once endangered, the osprey has made a steady comeback.

Never stop learning,

Charlie /

BCR Today 2013 May 15 Kansas Rescue Cats



BCR Today 2013 May 15 includes footage of the Kansas Rescue Cats enjoying their new life.


Bobcat-Lovey_1736 Canada-Lynx-Gilligan_1709 Canada-Lynx-Gilligan_1710 Canada-Lynx-Skipper_1624 Canada-Lynx-Skipper_1686 Canada-Lynx-Skipper_1689 Canada-Lynx-Skipper_1691 Canada-Lynx-Skipper_1708 Caracal-Rose_1468 Cats-Tigger_1702


Volunteers-Moving-Cleo-Serval_1781 Volunteers-Moving-Cleo-Serval_1780 Volunteers-Moving-Cleo-Serval_1779 Serval-Ginger_1757 Serval-Ginger_1755 Serval-Ginger_1752 Kittens-Jamie-bobtail_1714 Lift-Truck_1704 Kittens_1662 News-Fox_1635 Rescue-Empty-Carriers_1627 Siberian-Lynx-Natasha_1513 Siberian-Lynx-Natasha_1508 Tiger-SARMOTI_1495

Today at Big Cat Rescue May 17 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue Apr 26 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue Apr 26 2013

Big Cat Rescue Intern Up for

Best Park Ranger Job in Australia


We are so excited that our former Intern, Margi Shah, has been shortlisted for Best Park Ranger Job in Australia! Please help her in her quest to be chosen because you know that Big Cat Rescue Volunteers are the best trained in the world.

More about the contest here:


Flavio Tiger Sleeps In



Flavio Tiger Sleeps In after tough day at the vet.


Cleo Cat Tra Serval Has Football Size Mass Removed


Thanks to her Keeper’s keen observations, and our intranet site where an observation is charted and automatically emailed to vet staff immediately, Cleo Cat Tra Serval was rushed in for emergency surgery today.


It looked like she had swallowed a football and, 4 hours of surgery later, a football size mass had been successfully removed by Dr. Wynn.


Warning, some of the photos below are not for the faint of heart.

Sorry about some of the pictures being upside down and sideways.  We are working on that.

Serval-CleoCatTra-day-b4_1859 Vet-Loading-Cleo-Serval  Vet-Serval-Cleo-Sedate

Vet-Serval-Cleo-Intern Vet-Serval-Cleo-Anesthesia


Vet-Serval-Cleo-Shaving Vet-Serval-Cleo-Surgery





Today at Big Cat Rescue Apr 20 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue Apr 20 2013

Tigers For Tigers Coalition


Carole Baskin speaks at Tigers for Tigers


Tigers For Tigers Coalition ( was founded in 1997 as a way of harnessing the team spirit of colleges with tiger mascots to protect tigers. It has grown over the years and has been inclusive of any tiger mascotted school who wanted to participate. This year they held their first National Summit at Clemson University and asked a number of tiger experts to come talk to the students about the real steps they can take, right now, to protect tigers.


They were able to secure an amazing line up of speakers. I would have made the 1,200 mile round trip just to hear Ron Tilson, but the rest of the tiger celebrities in that room made it well worth the travel. You can see the entire line up here:!list-of-speakers/c116k They had a videographer there who will be posting soon, so you may be able to see the presentations in full soon. It will be well worth your time to check in frequently to look for them, as they were all excellent!


A special shout out to Sean Carnell, who facilitated the summit in a way that made me think, time and time again, that if Howie had a son, it would have been this guy. He summarized why protecting tigers was important to him saying, “One of my worst fears is being asked the question, “Why didn’t you save them Daddy?” I wouldn’t know how to respond. I would feel disheartened, disgusted and depressed, knowing that we had the opportunity to save the tiger and we watched them disappear.” He did a great job of making sure that the speakers covered the huge range of issues facing the tigers, and in making sure that everything stayed on tract, with a tiger like focus on viable results.


Everyone I met, from the speakers to the students from many Universities, were all passionate about one thing: Saving Tigers. It was a great way to spend the day!


I felt honored to be asked to present about the role that sanctuaries play in protecting tigers. They were surprised to learn that cub petting and pay to play sessions with tiger cubs is driving them to extinction, by creating a legal cover for illegal activities. More about cub petting.


T4T-SaveTheTiger is the link to the print out of my slide show presentation and notes. The actual slide show presentation was too large to upload here, but I will try to convert it to a movie file soon. There were two videos in my presentation. One is embedded below, but the other is owned by someone else and you can request to see it at



The most exciting part of the summit for me was to see these young people make tiger protection part of their life’s mission. After hearing the presentations the students all came up with a fair plan of representation from each school, so that they have an equal voice, and they came up a vision of saving wild tigers and protecting captive tigers and with their goals: Education, Recruiting, Promoting and Taking Action and concrete steps toward implementing each. They even did an impromptu filming of the students that will act as their first unified effort to recruit all tiger mascot schools.


I think that Tigers for Tigers is off to a grrrreat start and was proud that Big Cat Rescue was invited to be a part of it.


Photos from Tigers for Tigers Coalition’s first Tiger Summit. I video taped Ron Tilson’s talk and hope to post it tomorrow.













Dear Carole Baskin,


It was an absolute pleasure to have you attend the 1stAnnual National Tigers for Tigers Summit. Your advice, guidance, and expertise were encouraging to all of the students, ensuring us that we can make an impact in tiger conservation. By unifying a group of eager students across the country, we can now progress as a movement. We thank you for your inviting charm and character when interacting with the students. It was apparent that everyone felt at ease and comfortable among you and the other distinguished guests and tiger advocates.


The National Summit was a great success. All of the students were fully engaged in the conversations and developed wonderful ideas to progress forward in the National Tigers for Tigers Coalition. Their passion, drive, and sense of ownership will make the national organization a great success. We look forward to collaborating with you in the future!




Clemson University Tigers for Tigers


Back at Big Cat Rescue

Team building work group

A wonderful work group came out for a little team building and landscaping.

Today at Big Cat Rescue Apr 4 2013

Our Interns Describe the Purr-fect Intern


Take initiative





Customer service



Hard worker



Accepting of help

Graceful leader and follower


Take a step back/consider others perspectives

Don’t sweat the small stuff


Goal oriented




Always learning and improving

Know how to give and take constructive criticism

Accept help


Here for the cats


Learn together

Never condescend

Know your audience

Be thankful

Gracefully accept mistakes

Know your limitations and flaws

Today at Big Cat Rescue Apr 4 2013



Tigers Eating, Roaring and More