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SIMBA Female Siberian Tiger DOB 6/8/94 - 11/24/11 (Thanksgiving Day)   Simba was owned by a woman in Ohio who had declawed Simba and had the cat’s large canine teeth pulled. Supposedly this made Simba “safer” to be with people.   The woman would chain Simba to the ground with short chains so the tied down cat could not stand or turn to bite people.  Then the woman would charge visitors to go in with Simba and straddle her to take photos.   After years of people getting hurt, the woman finally lost her Read More

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Modnic MODNIC  Female Siberian/Bengal Hybrid   DOB 1993  and died 3/12/12 from mammary cancer.   Modnic and Trucha were thought to be siblings. We do not know their actual history, however they were born in the same year and shared the same enclosure.  Trucha has been bred nearly to death at Savage Kingdom and has since died from reproductive cancers.   Modnic was rescued from Savage Kingdom, a breeding facility that was shut down by officials in 2006. She has become quite comfortable in her new surroundings at Big Cat Read More

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THE TRUTH ABOUT TIGERS   A film by Shekar Dattari   "The Truth About Tigers is an unflinching look at the ground realities that prevail in India's forests. It’s a film that tells it like it is, and it is a must see for all those who are interested in helping to save this remarkable animal. The film guides the viewer through the life of the tiger, from birth to death, clearly explaining the reasons why tigers are declining. More importantly, it provides pointers on what the government should do to reverse Read More

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Conservation, not conversation

Poachers are hunting down tigers across Asia and Russia for their skin, bones, and even private parts to sell on the lucrative wildlife black market. With populations dwindling, the world’s remaining 3200 wild tigers could use some help - and fast. And certainly, it looks like people from around the world are uniting to save the tiger - by declaring their intention, over and over. Next week, 400 participants from around the world will gather in Russia for the seventh meeting in two years on how to save the tiger — if they raise a tonne Read More

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EIA urges International Tiger Forum to give its outcomes real teeth PARTICIPANTS in the forthcoming International Tiger Forum are being cautioned they must act decisively now or face a future in which the wild tiger is extinct. Tiger range countries are to meet in St Petersburg, Russia, from November 21-24, 2010 for the forum hosted by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) sees it as an opportunity to commit to an unprecedented global pledge to save wild tigers, now numbering as few Read More

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Don’t Touch Tigers!

Don't Touch Tigers! ORLANDO, Fla. -- From across the lake, the hunga, hunga roar of a lion rang out. It's not what you'd typically hear in a Tampa suburb, but at the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary it is normal background noise. His name is Joseph and he was rescued in 2007 from a home in Ohio where he was one of the main attractions in a petting zoo that went under.   IMAGES: Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary   VIDEO: Jessica Sanchez's Report   Just a few acres away, Read More

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Help Protect the Tiger 2010

Help Protect the Tiger 2010 Music and lyrics by Big Cat Rescuer Dennis Mitchell DENNY MITCHELL VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE Denny joined Big Cat Rescue as a volunteer in 2001. After doing the usual volunteer functions such as cleaning, feeding ,etc., he realized the could make a bigger contribution by engaging the public by doing outreach and leading tours. To date he has taken well over 10000 people on tours of our sanctuary. He also has made presentations to various civic and business organizations in the Read More

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MEET OUR TIGERS! 2010 Year of the Tiger

MEET OUR TIGERS! 2010 Year of the Tiger   Tigers are one of the most popular animals in the world, instantly recognizable and ultimate predators yet they are a vanishing species...   With more tigers living in captivity in the USA than are left in the wild!   2010 is the year of the TIGER and september 26th is International Tiger Day! Global action will bring back the Tiger, let's celebrate these amazing animals!   Special thanks to Nic Van Den Bergh for the use of Read More

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Cruel world of the tiger trade

Cruel world of the tiger trade By KATE JACKSON Published: 24 May 2010 IN A dingy market stall in southern Tibet, a trader empties out a sack full of bones.   These pitiful relics were once a magnificent tiger, roaming wild and free.   Now sold on the black market to be used in medicines and Tiger wine, these bones can fetch around £600 per kilo   It's a sickening sight.   At the turn of the twentieth century, there were estimated to be over 100,000 tigers in the wild. Now that figure has dwindled Read More

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China tiger park flouts loophole

China tiger park flouts loophole UPDATED ON: Thursday, March 25, 2010 09:13 Mecca time, 06:13 GMT A wildlife park in southern China is believed to house the world’s largest single collection of tigers, with around 1,500 in captivity. But while it is illegal to kill tigers in China, the park has been accused of cruelly starving its tigers to death in order to sell their body parts for use in lucrative traditional medicines. Al Jazeera’s Tony Birtley reports from Guilin.   // Read More