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How To Introduce New Cats

How To Introduce New Cats



How Marmalade Met Cole the Cat.  Note that this is NOT how we introduce big cats, but is similar in theory.




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Now at Big Cat Rescue June 11 2014

Kimba Tiger Update On June 8, 2014 both of our vets came out to re evaluate Kimba the tigress, as she just isn't eating as well as Zeus and Keisha.  They were deliberating over what would be the best and safest course of action for Kimba because she is 20 years old and extremely frail.  We didn't think she would even make it through the rescue and transport to FL as she was so starved and depleted.  Kimba would only eat a few morsels of food and then stop, so they decided to try and feed her several times a day to try and build her strength Read More

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Cat Chat 57

Cat Chat 57 Kat Albrecht Low Res Version Want to be a pet detective, or need one to find your lost pet, check out Kat Albrecht's interview about her work with Missing Pet Partnership and get involved. Buy Dog Detectives and train your dog to find lost pets. Big Cat Rescue wants to bring Kat to the sanctuary for an all day workshop.  Would you be interested in coming?  What day works best for you?  Let us know in the comments.  We are thinking Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue June 10 2014

Through Glass Kimba Sedation and New Tiger Updates   If you want to hear Big Cat Rescue founder and CEO (me) scream like a little girl, you will want to watch the first 3 minutes of this video.  It was a serious situation; sedating Kimba the tiger, but we try to keep ourselves from crying by joking around.  It is a stress reliever and there is plenty of stress involved in sedating a 20 year old tigress who is so thin it just breaks your heart.  More about her recent rescue here: The Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue June 5 2014

Tigers Forever by Sharon Guynup w/ photos by Steve Winter Get the book: Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue June 4 2014

Jewelry Making and Ice Cream Party

Watch Big Cat Rescuers getting crafty with the help of Intern, Stefanie Kraus and President, Jamie Veronica.  They brought food, had 9 flavors of ice cream and four toppings and had a great time making jewelry together at the Lion’s Lair Party House at Big Cat Rescue.

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UPDATE: NY Tigers Keisha, Kimba & Zeus are all settling in

UPDATE: NY Tigers Keisha, Kimba & Zeus are all settling in well at the sanctuary... Keisha is still very shy and her only den is right on the tour path (currently roped off so no large tour groups go down there) so we'll be moving her to a neighboring enclosure that's further away from future people traffic and closer to the lake.... Hopefully this will make her feel more secure. A eye specialist will be coming out to see Zeus soon... We sent her photos and video of Zeus's eye and she thinks that this may be an old injury and he is most likely Read More

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Cat Chat 56

Merritt Clifton Meet Merritt Clifton, the iconic name associated with Animal People and the new Animals 24/7. He's been the international watchdog who reports on animal abuse and how animal charities spend donations for decades.   Audio File Version   Read More

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Skipper Male Canada lynx Appx. 1/1/07 Rescued 5/5/13   Skipper's age is unknown. He had been purchased along with Gilligan at an auction. Skipper had the largest cage measuring about 5' x 30'. He had a small plastic dog house and a plastic shelf precariously attached to the side of his cage. A large rabbit carcass lay rotting in the corner of his cage and the entire cage was just as dirty as the others, feces lying everywhere and urine soaked straw. Big Cat Rescuers entered Skipper's cage with nets in hand and a large transport Read More