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Litter Box Training Domestic cats win hands down when it comes to house manners and exotic cats are more easily influenced by what other cats show them than what we try to teach them. For this reason, we employ domestic cat mothers, strays with kittens of their own for the most part, to help us guide these impressionable little ones. Our Veterinarian, Dr. Stacie Wadsworth D.V.M., specializes in cat care with her own clinic called Carrollwood Cats and takes in all of the felines brought to her doors. She screens them for every known disease, worms Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 1 2013 Shark Week Video

Tigers vs Sharks Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 1 2013 Shark Week Video   China Hosts International Tiger Conference Unbeknownst to many, July 29 was the fourth annual International Tiger Day. In commemoration, representatives from the 13 countries where tigers still exist held a conference in Kunming to discuss protecting the largest cat species on earth. The meeting, somewhat hilariously named the International Workshop for Transboundary Conservation of Tigers and Other Endangered Species, and the Read More

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Cat Chat Show Notes July 31 2013

Cat Chat Show 14   1.  The most exciting news is that our Senate bill S 1381 was introduced by Senator Blumental yesterday.  It  is the companion bill for the House version HR 1998 of the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act. This bill would ban the private possession of big cats. It would ban public contact with the big cats and their cubs. It would grandfather in existing cat owners, but they can't buy or breed more.   People can send a quick and easy letter to both the House Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue July 30 2013 Grand Opening

Senate Bill Introduced to Protect Big Cats   Send a letter to your member of Congress now! Did you know that there are at least 10,000 big cats kept in private hands in the U.S., but that no one knows exactly how many or where? It's a dangerous situation - for people and animals - when tigers, lions and other big cats are kept as backyard pets or in roadside zoos. When things go wrong, as they too often do, police officers, veterinarians, firefighters, EMTs and other first responders are forced to make life-or-death decisions. We will Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue July 26 2013

Video of a typical day at Big cat Rescue   The part that wasn't typical was Amanda the tigress being so mad.  She isn't on the tour path, because she doesn't care for most people, but she was really upset after being locked up all day as volunteers built some new platforms for her and her brothers.   Please join us for Drag Queen Bingo No cover. Just buy your own food and drinks and $10 will buy you 10 bingo cards of three games each so you can play all night for fabulous prizes Read More

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Cat Chat Show Notes July 24 2013

Cat Cat Show 13   Khaleesi Goes Outside   New Video for Big Cat Ban HR 1998   Bella the Tigress   She has an infection.  We fear it is cancer.  We will be sedating and drawing blood and doing an exam.  But if it is, then what?   Tiger Destroys Golf Cart   More Big Cat News   Abused Read More

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Khaleesi the Rehab Bobcat Kitten Goes Outside Meet Khaleesi the bobcat kitten, she arrived at Big Cat Rescue on June 24th from another rehab facility. She will remain at Big Cat Rescue until she is ready to be released back into the wild where she belongs! Follow her progress online by subscribing to our Youtube channel and "liking" us on Facebook. Thanks for watching! Read More

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AdvoCat 2013 07

AdvoCat 2013 06 Bobcat Kitten Being Rehabilitated   In late June Big Cat Rescuers received a call from a wildlife rehabilitation facility in need of assistance. An orphaned bobcat had been brought to their clinic, however they mainly deal with smaller animals and did not have the facilities to house her. They knew Big Cat Rescue specializes in bobcat rehab and thought that it would be the purr-fect place for the 8-week-old kitten. The tiny bobcat, named Khaleesi, is very wild and will be an excellent candidate for release once Read More