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Today at Big Cat Rescue June 16 2013 Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day   Find last minute Father's Day cards, games, and gifts here: Looking over our census of 105 cats, 50% came from outside FL, including: Canada, AZ, CA, CT, ID, IL, IN, KS, MN, MO, NE, NH, HY, OH, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA AND WI   Today at Big Cat Rescue June 16 2013 Fathers Day Read More

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Cat Chat Show Notes June 12 2013 Cat Chat 6 Cat Chat 5 Cat Chat 4 Cat Chat 2   Cat Chat 1 has been lost There is always so much to talk about. This newsletter will be launched tomorrow, so I was thinking we could talk about the stuff in it and tell people that if they want the full stories and photos and videos they need to sign up for our Animal Lover's Dream Vacation and that subscribes them to the newsletter.  A slide for that Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue June 6 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue was full of Foster Kittens and Storm Preparation Play the Ad for the Hamburger Mary's Event to Benefit Big Cat Rescue on July 1 and then RSVP to 813 241-MARY Lovey Bobcat gets her stitches out and moves back outside, next to Thurston AKA Mr Howell   The cats are hunker down in their dens to ride out Tropical Storm Andrea Can you see Tommie Girl the Bobcat in this photo?   Mr E takes to his fort for watching out for  Tropical Storm Read More

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Lovey Female bobcat Appx. DOB 1/1/08 Rescued 5/5/13   Lovey is approximately five years old and was Mr. Howell's mate. She is declawed on all four paws and is missing her top right canine. The two of them shared a cramped cage about 5'x13'. Their only shelter was a small plastic dog house that they managed to cram themselves into to escape the cold weather. The also had a tiny child's play table to perch on. Lovey and Mr. Howell were both intact, so Lovey was spayed shortly after being rescued so that they can live together. Lovey Read More

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Max Male Bobcat DOB:  8/1/10 Rescued: 5/31/2011 TAMPA - Big Cat Rescue staffers flew into town Tuesday with a 9-month-old bobcat kitten rescued from Rhode Island. The kitten was at the center of a months-long legal battle that touched off after a Rhode Island vet seized him from someone who bought him from a backyard breeder. It is illegal to have bobcats as pets in Rhode Island. The cat's owner went to court to get the cat back, but the state won. Now the bobcat will live at Big Cat Rescue for the rest of his life. "Sadly, Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue May 29 2013   Rambo - Vet Visit   Rambo went to the vet yesterday.  He has been disinterested in food, reported as having a hard time sitting down, and also looked and acted as if he did not feel well.  His teeth looked good, other than some plaque.  He has mild deterioration in his eyes due to age. His xrays showed that he has spondylosis in his back, some areas moderate, other areas more severe. He also has kidney disease, which may be the culprit for his urinary tract infection.  His Read More

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Most Daring Rescue Ever!

Abandoned Exotic Cats Seized by Kansas Authorities   Being Transported to Big Cat Rescue   TAMPA, Fla. - May 5, 2013 - Nine exotic cats and two other wild animals were confiscated from a dilapidated Atchison, Kansas, property yesterday after authorities discovered that the animals had been abandoned in their enclosures without access to food or clean water. The Atchison County Sheriff's Office seized one tiger, two cougars, three bobcats, two lynx, a serval and two skunks under the state's Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue May 27 2013 Memorial Day

Memorial Day at Big Cat Rescue   It is really packed out there!  Thank you everyone who came to visit and all of the volunteers who made their visits possible!   Today at Big Cat Rescue Shaniqua Jungle Cat Moves Back Outside Amanda, Arthur and Andre get excited to see dinner coming, Flavio takes it easy despite all of the excitement, Shaniqua the Jungle Cat goes back out to her Cat-a-tat, Mary Ann, Skipper and Ginger, some of the recent Kansas rescues enjoying the afternoon. Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue May 23 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue May 23 2013   See some of the new rescues from Kansas as they settle in at dinner time, see photos of Lovey the bobcat being spayed and having a rotten tooth removed, check out a demonstration of all of our tranquilizer equipment and training with the volunteers on how to actually use the rifle, blowpipe and jab stick.  Watch us offload a new load of wire for the Vacation Rotation enclosure and randomly check in on tigers, servals, bobcats, Canada lynx and others.   Lions, Read More
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