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Male Bobcat DOB 5/11/98   Windstar was an unexpected surprise to Windsong and Alexander. Because Alex was a Hybrid we assumed he was infertile after four years of watching him breed with no success. We had neutered all of our male Bobcats except for the hybrids as we were so sure they could not reproduce. Windstar was proof to the contrary and his birth resulted in his father and uncle, Des-Purr-ado being immediately neutered. Windstar is affectionately called "Bobcat" and has a wonderful purrsonality. Windstar loves the water. Every Read More

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Female Bobcat Date of Birth: 4/14/96   Befitting her name, Breezy’s cat-a-tat is naturally located on the lakeshore where she enjoys our tropical breezes. This little bobcat, though hand-raised, only bonded with her foster mother and is still timid around strangers. She has a very lush enclosure with many hiding places to make her feel safe and comfortable.  Occasionally, she sleeps up in her oak tree, comes out to enjoy enrichment items put in her cat-a-tat, or watches the ducks, peacocks, and swans as they wander by.  When Read More

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ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION & HEART MASSAGE   If the cat has stopped breathing and the heart has stopped beating there are two methods of resuscitation. Chest compression stimulates the heart to beat and if done correctly, can force air in and out of the lungs. If you cannot hear the intake and exhale of air, you should add mouth to nose forced respiration. 1. Feel for the heartbeat and watch closely to see if the chest is moving. 2. Open the mouth, wipe away fluids and check for something stuck in the mouth. If there is something Read More

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Male Bobcat DOB 7/15/07 Rescued 8/13/07   Will was found by a couple in their back yard. Their home was situated on a large farm located in a rural area of Dade City. An adult Bobcat was recently seen within the area and nearby farmers had reportedly been shooting at it to deter it from their property and their livestock. It is unknown if this Bobcat was any relation to Will, but since this young cub was found abandoned it is likely that the adult was his mother and had now been scared away from her cub or worse yet killed. When Read More

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Tiger Lilly

Female Bobcat DOB 4/30/95 Rescued 6/6/95   Tiger Lilly came to Big Cat Rescue on 6/6/95 along with Selena, Levi, Crazy Horse and the rest.   She too was to be slaughtered and her fur used for Trade show competitions.   It is possible that she and Divinity were litter mates - with their silvery fur they look almost identical. Where they differ is in their personalities. Divinity is fearless, whereas Tiger Lilly is elusive and shy. Through operant conditioning, slowly Tiger Lilly is becoming a more outgoing bobcat.   Tiger Read More

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Little White Dove

Female Bobcat DOB 5/19/97   Little White Dove is well known for her beautiful golden eyes.  She chose to bond and live with Running Bear.  Though she was once food aggressive, as so many of the wildcats here are, she now defers to Running Bear at feeding time.  She will even allow him to be fed before her. During the day, they spend much of their time perched high up in their tree sleeping. Seeing them up there, it is easy for guests to understand the nocturnal nature of bobcats and how easily they can camouflage themselves Read More

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Female Ocelot DOB 5/25/96   PURRfection, and her twin brother PURRsistance, were born at the sanctuary before it was known that no privately held exotic cats would ever be able to help preserve the species due to the inability to tract them back to the wild. She is the epitome of the perfect looking ocelot, which explains her name.  Her markings are extraordinary and demonstrate why this species was almost hunted out of existence for its fur.  She is much more timid than any of the other ocelots at Big Cat Rescue. Amazing Grace Read More

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Running Bear

Male Bobcat DOB 6/2/97   Running Bear and Little White Dove are the exception to the rule when it comes to wildcats living solitary lives. One of our senior volunteers watched as these two young bobcats bonded and chose to live together.  They now share a cat-a-tat that features high limbs for them to climb and sleep upon. The higher the perch, the better they seem to like it.  These two always prefer a room with a view! Sponsor Running Bear   Running Read More

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Female Bobcat DOB 4/22/02 Earth Day Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 5/20/02   On May 20,2002 Big Cat Rescue received a call from an animal clinic in Ruskin, FL about a bobcat. A local resident had supposedly seen a bobcat cub in her yard all by itself, fearing that the mother had abandoned it or had been hit by a car, she caught it and brought the dehydrated kitten in. After giving the cub fluids the clinic called us and we agreed to come and pick up the kitten. The bobcat cub was very sweet. She purred anytime she was picked up. Read More

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Zouletta Serval

  Zouletta Female Serval DOB 6/1/1998 Rescued 4/29/2011 Sponsor Zouletta A woman in NY was battling cancer, her sister had run off leaving her with her three children ages 6-17 and her home was in foreclosure…. She also had five servals living in her basement!     She would never be able to rent an apartment to keep her five servals and was left no choice but to try and find them a new home. After careful consideration we decided Read More