China Doll

China Doll

hear big cats



Female Siberian/Bengal Tiger

DOB 11/94

Rescued 4/25/95

DOD 12/12/2013

Read tributes to China Doll here:
tiger China Doll LakeWhen China Doll’s owners discovered that they were going to have a baby and be dealing with terminal illness in their family, they asked Big Cat Rescue to take their tiger and 8 cougars and we did.

Even people who could afford to give proper care to these cats in large cages, good food and vitamins and love, were not prepared to commit to a lifetime of care when their personal situation changed.

As a result China Doll came to us as a big, beautiful cub in April of 1995 as a playmate for Shere Khan.They have unlimited access to the lake they both love.

Whether it’s swimming after pumpkins we toss in the lake in the fall, or dunking their toys and each other, it’s always a special moment to watch their shenanigans.

Most days, you would find the two of them lounging along the lakeshore or nestled in the shade of the forest they share.

Though she is probably half the size of Shere Khan, China Doll was not at all intimidated by his size.  In fact, she actually called the shots at feeding time.



She will be greatly missed.




  1. I just watched the 30 minute video of Shere Khan and China Doll and hadn't realized she had passed on. She was an extraordinary cat-majestic, and beautiful. I will miss seeing her <3

  2. Awww… poor fellow! They were together for so very long. Heart breaking.

  3. I MISS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I live All wild cats. Thank Jesus for these creatures.

  5. China is simply gorgeous.

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