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hear big cats


Male Cougar

DOB 1/1/96

Rescued 1/21/00
Cody and Missouri were rescued as a result of a divorce, in which they became the unwanted and abandoned dependents. They arrived here on January 21, 2000 and were filmed for Jack Hanna’s Wild Adventures which aired on May 6, 2000. Cody is very handsome. He and his mate Missouri, who has since passed on, are the only two Cougars at Big Cat Rescue that have solid black noses.


Cody is quite shy around people and will often retire to his cave den when visitors approach, he does however have a few Keepers that he is quite fond of and you can always see him acting fearless at dinner time.



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1 Comment

  1. We need to stop killing cougars. Cody needs a new girlfriend.

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