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Read the article about the cougar at  or print out PDF

Cougars kill their prey by stalking it to within 30 feet and then pouncing upon it. If a cougar’s prey is 90 feet away, and “R” represents the rate of speed a cougar can run, which of these equations can be used to represent this information? “T” = time to contact with prey.

1. T= R (90-30)
2. T= (R x 30) – 90
3. T=(R x 90) – 30
4. T = R + (90 – 30)

Cougars swim well be prefer to avoid the water. To avoid swimming, this cougar has traveled around this lake following paths “B” and “C”. If the distance “A” is 3 miles and “B” is 4 miles, what is the distance for “C”?
Use the Pythagorean theorem to solve your problem

1. 2 miles
2. 3 miles
3. 4 miles
4. 5 miles


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