Drag Bobcat Puzzle

Here is a big cat free to play Valentine game called Row Drag Puzzle featuring photos of bobcats that live at Big Cat Rescue.

[swfobj src=”http://bigcatrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/val-drag_puzzle_bengal-cat1.swf”]


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  1. Checked this game and it is playing correctly.

    GAME INSTRUCTIONS: In order to put this puzzle together you move entire rows and entire columns by clicking your left mouse button, holding it, dragging and dropping that row or column to where you think it should be. Keep doing this until the whole picture is in order. You can then click the “Play Again” button on the left to load a new photo and play again.

    BTW… IF you want to help us promote BCR’s website & mission, you can do that by putting our games on your family friendly website. For that purpose we do have a co-branding program. Please contact LaWanna if you are interested in more information about this.

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