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Male Siberian/Bengal Tiger

DOB 1989 DOD 1/5/2014

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 1/1/2002


tiger flavio flower fieldFlavio arrived at Big Cat Rescue in 2002 after retiring from the circus.  He was hailed as the smartest circus tiger ever known.  He performed a light and music number flawlessly for years until he decided one day that he didn’t like the other tigers and all he wanted to do was fight.


Perhaps he really was the smartest circus tiger because that bought him a ticket to retirement with us.


He was known here as having the loudest voice of any of our tigers.  What sounds like loud moaning was actually just his way of communicating with all of us.


Whenever anyone approached, he would spend as much time as you’d give him talking loudly.


Flavio the world’s oldest tiger crossed over to the land of love and comfort in January 2014 aged 25 years. He will be missed dearly by all the volunteers and staff at Big Cat Rescue, we’re so glad that he spent his final 12 years at the sanctuary living the best life possible in captivity after retiring from the circus.


Thank you to all of our supporters who helped us provide Flavio with the best care in his final years…



Tributes to Flavio:  https://sites.google.com/site/bigcattributes/home/flavio-tiger





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  1. Rest now you beautiful and majestic creature. So glad you got to spend the rest of your days at BCR. You will run free in Heaven.

  2. You all are angels at B.C.R. You're hard work and dedication will never go unnoticed. I thank God for people like you everyday 🙂 I'm so sorry for your losses.

  3. Beautiful tiger! They are interesting to watch–just enjoying life.

  4. He's a smart cat! He learned right away how to manipulate those streams of water. In one of them, he looks like a fire fighter spraying a hose.

  5. When does Flavio get to use the enclosure.

  6. Love this cat! <3

  7. Flavio is so nice and clever!

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