hear big catsFluffy

Female Serval
DOB 6/16/93
Rescued  7/20/93
Fluffy came to Big Cat Rescue from Oregon as a result of the pet trade in July of 1993. Fluffy was always been extremely affectionate until she became an adult.

Servals are great hunters and fishers and she found much more happiness in a natural enclosure filled with trees, palmetto bushes and logs to investigate.

She is quite shy and will usually retreat to the cover of foliage when her enclosure is approached by keepers. However, she is a cat and curiosity always gets the better of her causing her to come out into the open to observe nearby activity.



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  1. We share a birthday! lol, when I was 6yrs old my mother took me to the Oregon Zoo. It was all fun until I saw the Serval. Apparently I had a full out tantrum because I couldn't take that kitty home with me.

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