Your Discarded Ink Cartridges & Laser Toners

Can Save Discarded Tigers and Other Big Cats

Thank you for your interest in our ink recycling program to generate funds to help feed the cats. We are in partnership with Green and Evolve Recycling which are the leading collector and recyclers of used ink and toner cartridges.
What items can we recycling ? Any types of these:

Inkjet Cartridges
Laser/Toner Cartridges
Cell Phones & Accessories
GPS & Radar Detectors
eBook Readers
iPods/MP3 Players
Digital/Video Cameras
Video Game & Consoles

 Recycling toner bottles (plastic bottles with screw-on lids) are not recyclable.

1. If you need labels, please go to  to print more )

Print Your Label. Do not make copies of the label. Print a new label for each box and apply one label per box.

Attach the label to your shipment and leave it for your UPS driver or take it to your nearest UPS drop-off location

2. Evolve requests that the minimum quantity for returns in a carton is 20 items. Fewer items if VERY large, like the laser print cartridge. You may mix them, but please wrap ink jets/toners separately within the returned carton.

3.  Cartons must be no larger than 20″W x 20″H x 24″D and no heavier than 20 pounds.

4. Damaged items do not qualify, please carefully pack items using bubble wrap or newspaper as a cushion between items; use the original toner boxes when available.

Evolve can not recycle Copier Toners like this:

5. Tape the box shut when full, affix the yellow label on top and take it to a UPS pickup (Staples/Office Depot/UPS).  Do not call UPS for a pickup; they charge you $10 per call! (for locations, )

6. Please email me with any questions: ink@BigCatRescue. org.

Our recycling program has generated enough to care for a tiger or two for a year!

With your help we hope this recycling program will continue to be a success.

Monica Spires  Big Cat Rescue AdvoCat

Volunteer Recycle Program Coordinator




This is a wonderful way to help the cats and save the environment at the same time at no cost to you.  Thanks very much for supporting the cats in this way!


If you have any questions or problems, please email us at and we’ll do our best to help. Thanks!







Did you know these recycle facts?

More than 54 million households, roughly 55% of the total population, own a home computer.

The average consumer purchases 2-6 printer cartridges per year.

More than 85% of used printer cartridges are simply tossed in the trash.

Every 2 seconds a printer cartridge is thrown away in the United States alone.

That’s 1,800 cartridges per minute, 108,000 per hour, almost 3 million per day!

Recovering discarded printer cartridges for recycling would prevent more than 570,000 tons of plastics from entering the waste stream. Save the environment and save the big cats! Start recycling today!