Indian zoo asks for younger animals as its residents age

DEHRADUN – Friday, December 25, 2009

Animals’ rising age worries zoo administration

Rajendra S Markuna – Haldwani

Aging inmate animals seem to have become a cause of concern for the high altitude Nainital zoo administration .

Keeping in view the old age of some of the wild species like famous Siberian tiger, snow leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, the zoo authorities have urged the Government to provide new young animals in place of the said grown up animals.

The average age of cat family members is only around 12 years, while the Siberian tiger is now 15 year old. So the fact is that the said big cat has been on an extended life and that is only due to good care that is being provided in the zoo. Otherwise in open forests it is difficult for this endangered specie to live so long, said a zoo official.

He further informed that there are only two Siberian tigers in the country. The other one is presently in the Darjeeling zoo. Now it is also very concerning for the environmentalists is how to preserve such endangered species in such changing and deteriorating climate conditions. We have already forwarded our request to the Government provide a new one. It is to be seen when the demand is met, he added.

Similarly, other inmate mammals like Himalayan black bears are also on the same boat. While the average age of a Himalayan black bear is around 27 years to 30 year, all the three Himalayan black bears which are presently staying here are around 30 year old. So old is the snow leopard.

Thus we have demanded one pair of snow leopard, one Siberian tiger, at least one serrow, a member of deer family, added the zoo sources.

Besides, there are also plans to add some more animal to the zoo including brown bear, Himalayan martin, musk deer, to name a few,further said the sources.

With rich flora and fauna beautifying it, the zoo has always been a favored destination for free ranging birds like Babblers, tits, magpies, jays, barbets, woodpeckers, Himalayan griffon, lammergeyer to name a few. So there is also demand for Monal pheasant, cheer pheasant koklass pheasant, tragopan, to name a few.’-rising-age-worries-zoo-administration.html


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