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Calling All Kids


Tiger cub plays ball

If you are a kid, or have a kid, or are just a kid at heart, this page is for YOU!

Check out the following pages for lots of free fun things to do:


Big Cat Fun has free games, free puzzles, free craft kits, free ecards and more.


There are hundreds of free fun and games on this site too right here:  Fun and Games


Kid’s Tours if anyone is under 10  Kid’s Tours if everyone is over 10


Kid’s Camps


Field Trips for Children






What can Kids Do for the Big Cats?




See what other kids have done to help big cats


Kids us Cheetaro leopard as their adopted mascot for a Paws For Peace project:


  1. It's been a long time since my daughter was in 3rd grade, but it is important to let kids know that white tigers suffer greatly because of all of the birth defects that come along with the white coat.

  2. I have a question… 9yr. old grandson is doing a project on endangered species…he chose the White Bengal Tiger. After doing some reading on this site, I find there is no such thing – they were inbred and not actually a "species". How do we present this info – to a 3rd grade class in a tasteful manner, or do we?

  3. Hiya! Thank you so much for everything you are doing for these amazing animals! I've found another video which is quite informative and also good for kids about endangered wild cats ;



  4. I am 13 and I love what your doing to help the big cats, and I would love to join your program but I can't cause I live in canada.

  5. I'm 11 and I love cats I like to go here and visit on march brake!