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Male Bobcat
DOB 4/30/95
Rescued 6/6/95

Levi came to live at Big Cat Rescue in 1995 along with 10 other Bobcats who were destined to be the next year’s fur coat harvest. Our Co-Founder had stumbled upon a facility in Omaha Nebraska that was raising Bobcats and Canadian Lynx for the purpose of harvesting the cats for their fur.

In order to spare these cats, all of them were purchased from the breeder and brought to live at the sanctuary.

Levi was neutered and now lives with Tiger Lilly.


Levi Bobcat When He Was a Kitten





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Levi Bobcat Gets Netted



Levi Bobcat has been treated for kidney disease for a year or more, and lately his keepers say he’s acting weird.  Levi will usually launch himself aggressively at keepers and is always quick to come for food, treats and even his meds, because he wants to let you know that he’s the boss.  We decided to draw some blood and urine and see how his disease is progressing and if there is anything we can do to give him relief.

We tried catching him in his lockout, but that didn’t work, so Plan B is to net him, which no one wants to do because he is so scary.

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  1. What were the results of Levi's exam? I really hope it's something mild and not his kidney disease progressing. I will certainly be sending prayers for him.

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