Mo. man adopts 2 bobcat kittens – orphaned?

Webster County Man Adopts Bobcat Kittens
By Natalie Swallow

Story Created: Jun 18, 2009
Story Updated: Jun 18, 2009

Two bobcat kittens have a safe place to call home for the time being thanks to a Webster county man.

Paul Kensinger says the mom bobcat was hit by a car.

A week and a half later when he spotted the kittens near where she had been, he knew they were without a mom and probably hungry.

Paul tends to the brother and sister bobcats everyday, giving them food and water and watching them grow.

“They needed a chance. That was the thing. Their mama wasn’t around anymore. They were too little to make it on their own still,” Paul said.

Paul and his friend Josh Glenn caught the baby bobcats knowing they no longer had a mom to take care of them.

“They were hid pretty well. It took us a little while to find them,” Josh said.

“They got under some limbs and stuff, but you could see their little butts sticking out whenever they thought they were hid,” Paul said.

Through a permit from the Missouri Department of Conservation, Paul is raising the siblings for the next couple months.

He says his wife wasn’t too fond of the idea.

“She said we’ve got a wildlife kingdom around here,” he said.

Paul has also taken Sherman, a wild turkey, under his wing.

“We hatched out wild turkey eggs. The neighbor ran over a nest down whenever he was cutting hay, so I put them in the incubator, and we had one hatch out,” Paul said.

The animal lover says he will release the bobcats in nearby woods August 1, but hopes it’s not goodbye.

“You don’t see them very often in the wild at all. Maybe they’ll be used to people enough that they’ll show their faces every once in awhile, maybe,” Paul said.

The Conservation Department says wildlife permits like this are not handed out in most situations.

Full grown male bobcats can weigh up to 30 pounds. They usually live six or eight years.


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