Mr E

Mr E


hear big cats


Male Leopard Cat

DOB 6/30/00 – 5/27/14


We quit breeding cats in 1997 when our Co-Founder disappeared.  We spent the next 3 years building better Cat-A-Tats for our 200 residents. We neutered and spayed all of the bobcats, cougars and lynx first.

We had a pair of Amur Leopard Cats who had lived together since 1995. In the Spring of 2000 the Leopard Cats moved into their new 1000 square foot Cat-A-Tat with it’s bushes, trees and underground dens. It must have been very romantic.

Much to our amazement, Shalimar and Draikko gave birth to a beautiful, bouncing baby boy on June 30, 2000.

While it was not our intent to breed this endangered species we are are so blessed to have had this little bundle of joy join us. He was named Mr. E as a sound a like for Mystery. He has always been an elusive cat, however, his participation in the operant conditioning program will soon change that.



You can read tributes to Mr. E here:








  1. The baby photo is sooo cute. Sadly, baby cuteness compels SOME people to have cats and not be able to take care of them. For example, they don't have room to take care of them or it is illegal. I'm not saying in my next sentence that it is wrong to adopt kittens. I volunteer at a SPCA and it is sad how many adult cats are there because most people always go for the kittens. There are soo many adult cats that need homes. Sorry to go off topic.

  2. Oh, I love this baby picture!

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