New rescues arrive at Drakenstein Lion Park in South Africa

Drakenstein Lion Park

New Rescues Arrive – 10-12-2009

Perita, Aneta and Suzanna arrived at the sanctuary late afternoon on 10-12-2009 after an epic journey from Romania. Their rescue and relocation was plagued by logistical problems, they were expected to arrive on 2nd December, but had to turn back shortly after the start of their journey. Frantic arrangements were made to reschedule for arrival on 9th December, but this also had to be postponed for a day later. We all breathed a great sigh of relief when they finally arrived!

The three lionesses come from an impoverished Romanian zoo where a multitude of lions are crammed into small 4 x 4 meter concrete jails (pictured below).

We were contacted in March this year and asked provide to sanctuary to as many lions from the zoo as we could. Unfortunately we were only able to offer sanctuary to three of the lions housed at the zoo as financial constraints prevented us from taking more. Arrangements were subsequently made to relocated the remainder of the lions to a zoo in the UK and the zoo in question managed to raise 1.5 million rand to cover their costs, unfortunately our fundraising efforts did not enjoy the same media attention.


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