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Female Geoffroy Cat

DOB 5/1/93

Rescued 7/19/94


Geoffroy Cat at Big Cat RescueWe had been following his story from birth and chased him through his second owner, who sent him along to Big Cat Rescue with three Bengals on 7/19/94. He arrived taped up in a cardboard box. The fury from within the box made opening it a death defying act. As with many exotic cats, the smaller they are, the more fierce they can be. Everyone says that she “looks just like a domestic cat” but careful study of her size and shape shows that she is indeed a wild cat. It wasn’t until we went to have her neutered that we discovered that she had fooled all three of his owners; Nico is a female.


Sponsor Nico


Melanistic geoffroy cat

Melanistic Geoffroy cat


Nico speaks to us of the medicine of Antelope which is the call to Action.  Antelope reminds Nico that life on this planet is brief and we are all here with a higher purpose than what our Ego paints as its illusion.  Our higher calling has nothing to do with hoarding things.  The physical body is made of dust and it and all that it gathers will return to dust.  Nico wants us to remember that we are called to action on behalf of self, family, clan, nation and finally Mother Earth.



Do something today to make the world a better place.  Pick up litter that you didn’t toss.  Clean up a mess that you didn’t make.  Smile at everyone you meet and silently wish them well.  Make a child laugh or teach him to read.  Pay the toll for the person you don’t know on the highway behind you.  Clean out your closets and garage and give all of the things you have gathering dust to someone who can use them.  Nico knows that the more you give, the more abundantly life gives back, but you have to make the first move.



Geoffroy Cat Species Spotlight Video



At 19 Nico needed a tooth extraction to save her life.