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Female Leopard

DOB 6/6/94

Rescued 8/4/94

DOD 3/16/14

Nyla the Leopard at Big Cat Rescue

Nyla the Leopard at Big Cat Rescue


Nyla came to Big Cat Rescue with her brother, Simba, on 8/4/94. She was a product of the entertainment industry, which only wants perfect looking models.  Because she was cross eyed, she was unwanted.

She gets very jealous if her brother Simba is getting any attention and will begin making a nuisance of herself until all the attention is focused on her. All she wants is everyone’s undivided affection.

She’s much smaller than her brother, though she is just as tough.  We are happy that we’ve been able to keep the two of them close together so that they could at least live out their lives with a sibling with whom to share their experiences.


Nyla on “vacation” just a few days before her death.

Nyla Leopard On Vacation 2014


Her tribute page is here:  https://sites.google.com/site/bigcattributes/home/nyla-leopard


  1. The pretty girl I am sponsoring!

    • She has a brother too (Simba!) if anyone is interested in sponsoring him, or one of their other big cat friends (the amounts are affordable),

  2. She is so precious! Who couldn’t adore that face, honestly?

    Now I’m not terribly up to date on my feline social dynamics; do litter mates bond so closely that they enjoy each other’s company into adulthood? I was under the impression that big cats are fairly solitary animals, at least, in the wild. Does captivity change this in them?

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