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Feeding Big Cats in the Rain


Keisha Tiger chats w/ Operations Manager, Gale, while she works.  You can hear our neighbors shooting non stop next door on a Sunday afternoon while we try to shift tigers.  Zeus and Keisha the tigers get fed, then Alex Tiger is fed in the rain.

Nirvana the ocelot loves the rain.

We rescue 5 more domestic kittens as part of our Foster Kitten Program with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Raindance has been acting finicky at dinner time, so Jamie sets up a trail cam to see if she is eating.

Sabre was sedated to do a biopsy on a mass under his chin but at 22 years old, he is waking up very slowly and rain is moving in.

It takes 2 days and many hours to catch Jade the leopard and move her back from vacation in the Vacation Rotation enclosure.  We explain how we move lions and tigers to and from vacation using tunnel system.

Lots of big cats get fed in the rain by loving volunteers and interns.

OMG It’s Furiday!! 🙂

#tgif #friday #serval #happy #cat



  1. They are hungry rain or shine. They know what time of day they normally eat and they want to eat then even if it is raining.

  2. Because the cats are fed every day. No matter how bad the weather, the volunteers make sure the cats get their food.

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