hear big catsPurr-fection

Female Ocelot
DOB 5/25/96


Purrfection Ocelot in Favorite TreePURRfection, and her twin brother PURRsistance, were born at the sanctuary before it was known that no privately held exotic cats would ever be able to help preserve the species due to the inability to tract them back to the wild.

She is the epitome of the perfect looking ocelot, which explains her name.  Her markings are extraordinary and demonstrate why this species was almost hunted out of existence for its fur.  She is much more timid than any of the other ocelots at Big Cat Rescue.

Amazing Grace recently moved into a cat-a-tat adjacent to PURRsistance.  Since Amazing Grace is one of our most vocal, most social, and most pungent ocelots, we’ll soon see what PURRfection thinks about her new neighbor.

While some of our ocelots were born here prior to 1998 we quit breeding ocelots when we learned that there are no release programs for exotic cats.  They can never be free.  They should never be born for life in cages.

PurrFection-Ocelot-Will-Rhoades-1996-681 PurrFection-Ocelot-Will-Rhoades-1996-562




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