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Female Caracal

DOB 3/28/97 – 7/31/13

Rose is such a friendly caracal that she was featured in Jack Hanna’s show “Wild Adventures” for a demonstration of photo tour techniques.

Guests love looking at the characteristic black tufted ears of this little caracal.

Rose, like many other wild cats that were raised to become pets, did not learn proper grooming techniques from her mother when she was young.  This explains the matted sections of fur she so often has on her coat.



On July 13, 2013 it was noted by keepers that Rose had not finished her meal.  Over the next three weeks her appetite seemed sporadic, so keepers began cutting up her food and offering it on a stick.  When that stopped working she was taken in for blood work on July 31, 2013.

Her test results read off the charts for kidney failure and she had ulcers in our mouth and on her tongue. She was in the final stages of the renal failure and so while she was under sedation we made the decision to euthanize her.

We have had 7 caracals in the past, the oldest of which was 17 years old when she passed away.  Rose was 16 years old.


    • She's just yawning, not growling in this pic. Must be nice to be so relaxed!

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