Rufus the Baby Bobcat Kitten


Est DOB 10/1/11 – 4/26/2012



Rufus the blind bobcat kitten was believed to have been hit by a car on Dec 4th in South Carolina. He weighed just 4.2lbs, had a broken jaw, split canine and was comatose.


After he woke up from the coma he was pretty loopy, the South Carolina rehabber figured the impact had done brain damage. They had to wire the jaw shut, tube feed him and remove the broken canine. He was taken in by Big Cat Rescue on Feb 12th 2012, he’s now eating solids on his own and doing much better despite walking into walls and getting stuck in corners. He was having bad and frequent seizures, but those have almost subsided.


Blind baby bobcat kitten named Rufus at Big Cat Rescue

Blind baby bobcat kitten named Rufus at Big Cat Rescue

Rufus had a seizure around noon today.  It was a typical one for him.  Later on around 2 he had a more severe episode and was taken inside to the cat hospital.  He had a high temperature and was not coherent.


The Last Photo of Rufus the baby bobcat kitten

The Last Photo of Rufus the baby bobcat kitten

He was given an injection of medication to sedate him and to stop the seizure.  He rested for a couple of hours and his temperature was brought down with cool cloths and ice packs.


At 5 he began to wake up and had another severe episode and then suddenly he stopped breathing.


Every attempt was made to resuscitate him, however we were unsuccessful.


He quietly slipped away on his own terms.


He will be missed dearly by everyone who got to know him and of his story.  He was a special little boy who touched many of our hearts.


Jamie took this photo of Rufus just yesterday when he was lazing in the sun, listening to the birds.



Thank you to everyone who made it possible to give his such loving care; especially the Skip A Holics and his staff here.


Thank you TBO for covering this story of precious Rufus the bobcat kitten.


  1. I miss him!!!! :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  2. We will never forget you darling Baby Rufus, RIP sweetheart! <3

  3. We "adopted" Rufus when he first came to BCR. His picture is on the wall next to our cats' indoor jungle gym. Hard to read still even a year later.

  4. Very sad to find out that Rufus is gone. Was hoping for a happier ending to your story, but at least you are no longer in pain and having seizures…and are probably catching your own prey now in Heaven. God bless you little guy!

  5. I just found out that little Rufus has left this earth. He was such a character and will surely be missed. RIP little fella. At least he had happy days while he was in your care. Thank you, BCR, for doing all you could for this little guy while he was in your care.

  6. Our most beautiful Baby Bobcat boy, you will be missed more than one could ever realize. You brought many so much joy by your existence and my heart is breaking into a thousand pieces at your passing. You will always be remembered. RIP, Baby Rufus, it seems you had to go on to a bigger life.

  7. So heart broken to hear of Rufus' passing 🙁 He really touched the lives of so many and made the world a little brighter! Shine on and rest in peace!

  8. Poor little Rufus! At least he spent his last days being cuddled, loved, cared for, getting time in the sun, and so on. I will miss watching you walk through your water bowl you sweet silly little boy! Run free, and see for miles across that Rainbow Bridge beautiful boy!

    • Poor baby, how sad. Makes me want to cry!

  9. Although you were only here a short time Rufus, you inspired so many and brought so much love to our hearts. Now you are running free into the wild again with all the other angel animals. Love you and miss you so much already :*(.

  10. Will never forget you Rufus! You’ll be loved and missed forever!!!! Rest in peace.

  11. Rest in peace beautiful baby boy. Love you so much Rufus! Forever! <3

  12. Rest in peace beautiful baby Rufus. Love you so much! Forever! <3

  13. I still can't believe it. It's starting to sink in. Run and play babybob. Know that you're ALWAYS to be remembered. WE ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

  14. Rest in peace baby boy…I love you <3.

  15. Rufus I will miss you, I fell in love with you from day 1, rest in peace little guy you will forever be in my heart <3 Thank BCR for all you do!

  16. Rest in peace sweet Rufus… So many people loved you and you will never be forgotten! Thank you Big Cat Rescue for all you've done for Rufus and all the cats you take in and care for! So very sorry for all.

  17. Deeply shocked and saddened by this but comforted in the knowledge that because of BCR Rufus had as good a quality of life as was possible and a happy one. He touched my heart from the first and I will always feel lucky and privileged to have been part of the team who watched over him. Gone far too soon, he will never be forgotten. Run free and play at the Bridge dear Rufus, your sight and health restored. I know that Rainbow Bridge has a very special place for wild cats too ❤.

    Thank you Jamie, for giving us this last photograph and to all at BCR, the staff, vols and advocats for everything you did for this sweet baby boy. Bless you all xXx.

  18. Rufus, you will be missed greatly by many of us who fell in love with you as we watched you grow. We also worried about your seizures and we all wished that they would have gone away entirely for you. We loved your cute little quivering tail that showed your love for the people who took such great care of you. We are greatly saddened by your passing but know that your sight has been restored and your seizures are gone and there is no more pain for you. Enjoy your new life with all of the other cats from Big Cat Rescue! We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. <3

  19. I just saw the news. I'm shocked and so sad to hear that lil' Rufus has left us. He was such a special & sweet boy. I hope he's free of all suffering now and running around with Cloe & Bobbi Blue~God Speed Rufus.

  20. I'm so sorry 🙁 That poor little boy. At least he knew love and caring from the BCR team.

    • So sad! But at least some special people did everything they could to help him.

  21. You will never be forgotten. I warms my heart just a little to see that just 24 hours before you left us you looked so very healthy and happy.

  22. Rufus, you were a little candle that shone in our dreary lives. You made us laugh at your antics of jumping and headbonking into legs. You made us cry when we found out that you having some problems. We loved your personality , charisma and how you wooed us with your cutesy little face. We were heads over heels with you. Now that you are gone but you are not gone. You have a special place in our hearts and lives. Run free over to the Rainbow Bridge and be wild that the way you are supposed to be. Rest in peace eternally , Rufus.

    • Did Rufus receive any medications to treat the seizures? Were they ineffective? How sad. 🙁

  23. The moment I saw Rufus I fell in love, and that moment changed my life forever. They say that cats leave pawprints on your heart. Rufus, my sweet baby bob, you left one that will be there forever, until the day I die and we meet at the Bridge. Until that day comes, know that you were loved and cherished by many who feel the same way I do.Though you were tiny and lived a life far too short, your impact traveled the world many times over, and you will never, ever be forgotten.

  24. RIP sweet Rufus. You always made me smile.

  25. Rest in peace, baby boy <3.

  26. Forever in our hearts. RIP Rufus and run free ♥.

  27. I sure loved this little baby bob. Rest in peace, Rufus.

  28. Rufus, I will love you forever. I will never ever forget you! I miss you already! <3

  29. RIP sweet baby Rufus…I am really going to miss watching you. You will always be in my heart! <3

  30. RIP Rufus…you warmed the hearts of so many, you were loved by so many and will be missed dearly! <3

  31. R.I.P precious one! You will never be forgotten! :'(

  32. Rufus, You are now at peace and will be able to play and frolic with all the other animals on the other side who have gone before you. Rest in Peace little one and we will all be together again!

  33. The tears will stop eventually but you will always be in my heart, RIP our sweet baby rufus , 3.

  34. RIP sweet Rufus <3.

    • RIP Rufas we will miss you.

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