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Siberian/Bengal Tiger

DOB 1/1/93

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 9/9/2000

Died 6/18/13


Sarmoti is an acronym for Siegfried And Roy, Masters Of The Impossible.  Despite the great name for a working cat, he was retired earlier than all of his buddies because he doesn’t do tricks.   He came here at the same time as Bengali, his brother.  While Bengali is very social, playful, and loves to play pranks on all the keepers, Sarmoti is the more serious of the two.  Sarmoti has developed quite an interest in the operant conditioning program here at BCR, he loves the attention that it brings to him, but loves the treats even more.


Tigers are solitary animals who stay together only when young or when mating.  Brothers will strike out on their own to lay claim to their own territory, sometimes encompassing 400 square miles.  Adult brothers will even kill each other over territorial issues.  Tigers are no longer “burning bright” in our world’s most famous tiger preserves. Read what these investigators have discovered HERE.




This video was taken just two days before SARMOTI died.



Visit SARMOTI’s memorial site here:



  1. It makes me sad that people are killing all the tigers for stupid reasons. I can understand putting down one that has started killing people for food, but not for a viagra substitute.

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