Schönbrunn tiger cubs start to venture out

Schönbrunn tiger cubs start to venture out

The newly-born Siberian tiger cubs at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Zoo have already started to appear in public and become the goal of many photographers.

Zoo visitors love the little babies and are flocking to their enclosure to watch the cute offspring. After the craze about last year’s favourite panda baby Fu Long, Schönbrunn Zoo has come up with a new attraction this summer. Two Siberian tigers were born on 24 June to a 14-year-old female at the zoo.

The cubs are slowly starting to explore the world around them, strolling around their enclosure and always discovering something new and interesting. Zoo management has announced that the public has a great chance to watch the little tigers on their first adventures at the zoo. Their mother is still very protective and often carries her babies back to their secure den.

Schönbrunn has recently seen many new births. In addition to very-popular Fu Long, sea lions, polar bears and flamingos have successfully bred.

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