AdvoCat 2016 06

AdvoCat 2016 06

Good News!  Good News!

Thor the Bobcat is released back to the wild.  Thor had been hit in the head by a car and survived nearly overwhelming odds against him.  See the video of this most unusual release at:

Grrrreat New Videos

There have been 13 grrrreat new videos posted since the last AdvoCat.  Check them out!

YouTube Videos Big Cat Rescue

7 Most Common Questions

Below are questions we hear many times every day.  They are the most common questions that people ask. Please check out the links to get the complete answer to each question.

1. Do You Have Babies?  No legitimate sanctuary will have babies.  Cub pimps will use them until they are nearly full grown for pay to play schemes; then they are dumped.  If you see a facility that often has babies, then you know they are part of the problem, not the solution.  Find out more at:

2.  Can I Pet Them? No legitimate facility will let you or anyone else pet exotic cats.  They won’t post pictures of themselves doing it either.  It’s dangerous, rude and is the number one reason for so much abuse.  Find out more at:

3.  Why Can’t They Go Free?  Our goal is a world where all wild cats live free, but until we are able to stop the captive breeding of wild cats, here is more info on why cats born in cages can never go free:

4.  Who Else Can I Donate To?  Because people know and trust us they often ask us to vet their other donation options.  This page gives you far more detail on how to make those important decsions:

5.  Don’t They Need a Friend? Cats are solitary by nature.  Find out why they are happier to have their own space at:

6.  Do You Have Cheetahs or Jaguars?  No page on this yet, but the short answer is that these cats almost never end up in need of rescue. Cheetah are so inbred and fare so poorly in captivity that they never end up in need of rescue.  Zoos have to rely primarily on importing them from the wild to keep them in cages.  Jaguars are very rarely found in captivity and due to their power and intelligence are almost never kept as pets, so they don’t end up in need of rescue.  We know places that have bought both cheetah and jaguars, and called it a rescue, but Big Cat Rescue hasn’t bought animals to rescue them since we learned better in the 1990s.

7.  What Would You Do in a Hurricane or in case of an Escape?  Find out how Big Cat Rescue prepares for the worst and works to keep the cats and surrounding community safe:

Tiger Temple News

The last two months have ushered in a new era for big cat protection.  In the April AdvoCat we shared excellent news about USDA and USFWS cracking down on the tiger trade and the exploitation of cubs for pay to play schemes.  USDA also continues its investigation into some of the U.S. tiger mills, T.I.G.E.R.S. and GW Zoo.  And then on May 31, 2016, the Thai government seized 147 tigers, 40 dead cubs and truckloads of tiger skins, teeth, and other tiger products, from the Tiger Temple.  Animal protection groups have been trying to stop the abuse at the Tiger Temple for more than 15 years, but it wasn’t until the temple was exposed for black market trading that the front facing cub / tiger petting scheme was ended.

Find out how Thai NGOs asked their government to allow tiger experts to help

Top Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation

We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and contact one or more of the offenders below to politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at

Nelsons Wildlife Safari Lynx KittenNo. 1 The City of Ferndale, Michigan has hired Nelson’s Wildlife Safari to bring exotic cats and other animals to its summer camp during “Creature Feature” week July 11-15. The website for Nelson’s Wildlife Safari shows tiger cubs, lynx and African servals being handled. Please contact the Mayor of Ferndale and the Ferndale Dept. of Recreation and let them know that exotic cats and children at summer camp do NOT mix. Seeing exotic cats used as entertainment is NOT educational for children and sends the wrong message that it’s okay to use wild animals however humans want. Ask them to CANCEL the exploitation of exotic cats at summer camp!

Director                            Jill Manchik              

Recreation Supervisor     Sarah Distelrath      

Mayor:                             Dave Coulter           

Mayor Pro Tem:               Melanie Piana         


No. 2 This picture is just one of the white tigers kept at the Houston Downtown Aquarium in Texas. Yes, an AQUARIUM is exploiting tigers! A supporter tells us they live inside these tiny cement-floored cages and NEVER see the light of day. We believe this is absolutely abuse of these tigers!

It’s tragic that it is legal to keep white tigers in tiny cages for the public’s amusement just because it is legal. It certainly is not right!

Houston Downtown Aquarium White Tiger Abuse

The Houston Downtown Aquarium is owned and operated by the Landry’s restaurant conglomerate, which is run by President and CEO Tilman J. Fertitta. In 2005 Fertitta applied for an exotic animal ordinance with the Houston City Council to bring the tigers to the aquarium. Fertitta also owns and keeps tigers at the Denver Aquarium.

Keep that in mind the next time you are thinking about dining at a Landry’s Inc. restaurant or visiting one of their casinos. Here is a list of Landry’s Inc. restaurants to avoid:

Contact Landry’s Inc. at 713-850-1010 and ask for President and CEO Tilman J. Fertitta.



No. 3 Please send a polite email to help this Macon GA Telegraph reporter understand that big cat lovers do NOT want to see majestic tigers exploited as circus props by the notorious Bengal Tiger Encounter show. You can also leave a comment in the article’s comment section.Bengal Tiger Encounter

Email Caitlyn Stroh at

And while you’re at it, please send a second email to the President of the Macon Cherry Blossom Festival asking him to never have the exploitative tiger show back again at the festival.

Email Jake Ferro at

International Tiger Day 2016

Help us celebrate International Tiger Day.  Find out when and how at:

Want a Career that Makes a Difference?

Check out this free class at to see if you have what it takes to be a Big Cat Rescuer.

Final Report on Teisha Tiger

One of our favorite photos of Teisha Tiger enjoying her pool is at the top of this page.  Our hearts are still aching for this very special tiger.  Find out what we did to alliviate her suffering at:

Goodbye to Bengali Tiger

Bengali was the first to arrive and the last to leave in a 16 year saga of 13 tigers and a leopard who came from the circus to spend their retirement in paradise.

The Quarterly Big Cat Times

Our printed, quarterly magazine costs us about 43 cents to print and mail, per copy, so we can’t mail it to everyone in our database.  You can download the digital version here though:

Give Day Results

The final results of the Give Day Tampa Bay fundraising event held on May 3, 2016 are finally in! Thank you all for your incredible support of our sanctuary and our cats — and for your patience during the lengthy technical glitches the organizer’s website experienced.  We are thrilled to announce that Big Cat Rescue raised $268,478 from 398 donors during the 24-hour event! PLUS we won the $5000 prize for most donations and a $1000 prize for most donations during one of the hours of the contest!  We are humbled and grateful to have such awesome supporters! THANK YOU!


AdvoCat 2016 04

AdvoCat 2016 04

The Best Week for Big Cats in Decades!

This week has been epic for big cats, thanks to all of YOU who have roared out to protect wild cats and their cubs.

4/3/2016 USDA cracks down on abuse of cubs under the age of four weeks.  In response to a 2012 legal petition filed by The Humane Society of the United States, World Wildlife Fund, Detroit Zoological Society, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Born Free USA, Big Cat Rescue, Fund for Animals and Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued guidance making clear that exhibitors violate the Animal Welfare Act by allowing members of the public to handle or feed infant exotic cats like tigers, lions, cheetahs, jaguars or leopards.  Read more.

4/5/2016 USFWS announced that they are rescinding the generic tiger loophole. Big Cat Rescue has been pressuring the USFWS since at least 2007 to rescind this loophole and on 8/22/11 after a meeting with the USFWS the Generic Tiger issue was published to the Federal Register for public comment and got over 15,000 comments in support of our request to ban the breeding of non purebred tigers.  Read more.

Big Cat Rescue has been pressuring the USDA since the 90’s and USFWS since at least 2007 to end cub handling and rescind the generic tiger loophole and on 8/22/11 after a meeting with the USFWS the Generic Tiger issue was published to the Federal Register for public comment and got over 15,000 comments in support of our request to ban the breeding of non purebred tigers. According to their Q&A it sounds like the USFWS may still rubber stamp activities that really don’t help tiger conservation, but it’s a step.  USDA only banned the contact with cubs under four weeks, but that is a step too.

So What’s Next?

Regulations can’t work, because USDA and USFWS don’t have the resources nor apparently the will to enforce the weak rules they have, so that is why we need an all out ban on the private possession of big cats.  You can help get that done at


Don’t Forget Your Favorite Mom

Nav_HolidayMothersDayThese gifts have been hand selected by our online Gift Shop manager to bring you the best gifts for Mom, and in time for her special day if you order now. Shop for Mom and Save Big Cats Too!


To Celebrate Mother’s Day Will You Help Us “Mother” Our Foster Kittens?

Did you know that Big Cat Rescue fosters domestic kittens until they are old enough to be adopted? In the last 3 years our interns and volunteers have mothered literally hundreds of foster kittens! See some of the little cuties and find out more at


Big Cat Rescue’s In Situ Conservation Work 2016

dOnce a month, a volunteer or intern is selected for outstanding service to the cats.  Big Cat Rescue rewards them by making a $1,000 donation to conservation projects in their honor.  So far this year Big Cat Rescue has donated to the following projects to save wild cats in the wild.

Big Cat Rescue donated $5,000 to The Corbett Foundation, a charitable, non-profit and non-governmental organization solely committed to the conservation of wildlife. They work towards a harmonious coexistence between human beings and wildlife across some of the most important wildlife habitats in India, namely Corbett Tiger Reserve, Kanha and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserves, Kaziranga Tiger Reserve and around the Greater Rann of Kutch.

Caracal Photos Elijah&RoseIn February 2016, BCR donated $2,000 to assist the Urban Caracal Project. The Cape Peninsula is a biodiversity hotspot that has lost almost all of its large mammals such as cape lions, leopards and brown hyenas. Caracals as a result may play a major role in maintaining the ecosystem as they are the largest remaining predator in the area.

In March 2016 BCR donated funds to assist the Black Footed Cat Working Group, with one of the longest running small cat projects that has been in process for over 23 years, conserving the Black Footed Cat population in South Africa. More than 60 cats have been caught and collared over 100 times and what is known today about the species has been found during this field study.

Big Cat Rescue donated $1,000 to the first-ever study on the ecology and behavior of the Sand Cat in Morocco.  Learn more about these projects at

Ultrasound Match

We are thrilled to announce a fantastic matching funds opportunity to help Big Cat Rescue purchase a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine so that we can continue to provide the best veterinary care possible.

While our x-ray machine is critical for examining bone structure it has limited capacity for evaluating organs. An ultrasound machine is more suited for examining soft tissue. Currently our vet team relies on a physical exam, blood work and x-rays to determine the cause of a cat’s illness.  If the cause is not readily apparent using these tools, they must perform an invasive exploratory surgery.

Ultrasound Zabu Tiger

It is critically important that the person operating the ultrasound machine be trained and have extensive experience reading sonograms. If we purchased a standard ultrasound machine, we would have to incur the logistical issues and cost of bringing in an expert technician each time we needed to use it. This is not practical because in many cases we would not know if we were going to need to do an ultrasound until after we take x-rays.  If we did need to do it, we would have to do it immediately while the cat was sedated and would not have time to arrange for a technician.

The specialized machine we need solves this problem in an ingenious way. It has a camera mounted to it and an Internet connection to a board certified technician who will guide our vet via camera to make sure they get the best possible sonogram images and will aid in correctly reading the images.

The specialized one we need for our cats costs $50,000. The great news is that the Reitzel Foundation has stepped up and pledged a dollar-for-dollar match up to $25,000! So your much needed and greatly appreciated donation toward our ultrasound machine for the cats will go twice as far! Thank you for continuing to support our cats and our sanctuary. This ultrasound machine will make a world of difference in the lives of our precious cats.

If you would like to contribute to the matching fund, please donate here.  Thanks!

Thor Update

Thor Eye ImprovementThor, the bobcat who was hit in the head by a car, and lived to tell about it, has been healing in the onsite cat hospital.  The last two items to check off his list are to be sure that the injured eye won’t be a hazard for him and to see him get back into hunting condition.  His last eye check by veterinary ophthalmologist, Tammy Miller, indicates that the eye is doing well, even if not visual and you can log in and watch him daily on the Bobcat Rehab webcam provided by at

Hamburger Mary’s Event

It was a gaudy night of fun and bingo last week that raised $1,100.00 for the cats!



The notorious Robert Engesser and his traveling roadside zoo Jungle Safari are RIGHT NOW exploiting a tiger cub by charging the public to pose for photos with the cub. Adult tigers as well as many other animals are in tiny cages in the parking lot of the Ozark Shopping Center in Ozark, Alabama. Plus, Dothan’s ABC news station WDHN News aired a “news” piece about the deplorable zoo and gushed about how wonderful it was to have wild animals in a parking lot!

Engesser claims the exhibit is an “educational zoo.” This shopping center is owned and operated by the City of Ozark under the auspices of the Ozark City Council. It’s time to let WDHN as well as the Mayor of Ozark and City Council members know that cub petting is not “educational” or “humane,” and that by supporting it, they’re supporting animal abuse and the wildlife trade.

Abuse Engessor Jungle SafariEmail Billy Blackwell Mayor of Ozark at and

Email the Ozark City Council members at

Email WDHN News Director Stephen Crews at

Post comments on WDNH News’ Facebook page here (but don’t be surprised if they remove your comments):


Have you always wanted a career in wild animal care or management?

Zoo College is modeled after the Keeper Training offered at Big Cat Rescue.  It is the only online, virtual training center, where you can test your skills against real life animal care challenges.  The lessons you will learn have been tested and improved over more than 20 years in dealing with some of the most dangerous and majestic carnivores on the planet.

Before now, the only way to get this extensive zookeeper training was to volunteer or intern at Big Cat Rescue, in Tampa, FL.  Minimum time requirements for onsite training range from four hours a week to 16 hours per week.  Due to the danger involved in caring for lions, tigers, ligers, leopards and other wild cats, it takes two years of training to achieve proficiency, so it would mean years of commitment for you to progress through that experience.

With Zoo College you can pace yourself and test your knowledge, using all of the same teaching guides, videos and methods, before making such a huge commitment of time or finances for a biology degree that won’t give you any real sense of what it means to care for wild animals in a zoo or sanctuary setting.

Because we are still in Beta and working out the bugs, we are offering the course for only $9 per month.  Check it out at Zoo College


Want a career in wild animal care? Check out


Zoo College Ad

Dreaming of a career with wild cats?  Check out

AdvoCat 2016 01

AdvoCat 2016 01

Hope You Are Having a Happy New Year!

We are very happy for two recent graduates of our bobcat rehab program.  Check out the release of Phoenix and Captiva in this video:

Phoenix and Captiva are starting a new life journey as free and wild bobcats. Watch as we release them in their natural habitat. It was sad to see them go, but exciting to know that they are in the wild where they belong.  Help support our bobcat rehab work by donating here:

Win a Cat Tree

Win it for your own cats, or tell us your favorite cat shelter in the U.S. and we will send it there.  Email your snapshots of our cats to  The winner will be chosen by random drawing on February 10, 2016. Hopefully we can then get it ordered for you by Valentine’s Day to make it one for your cat to remember forever.

Collage 1920x1080

Valentine’s Day

It’s the heart warming-ist time of the year!

We have more than 14 pages of free Valentine’s Day goodies for you here:



15% off entire order. Offer valid 1/27/16 – 2/7/16

30% off artwork (canvas prints, limited edition signed prints, and original paintings). Offer valid 1/27/16 – 2/7/16

Use it now at

Get downloadable Valentine photos at


Watch the Elephant in the Living Room for FREE on Hulu

Elephant in the Living Room

Watch Online for FREE!

Now available on Hulu, the runaway hit documentary The Elephant in the Living Room is streaming online for FREE!

The film won FIVE “best documentary” awards as is wonderful to watch.

AND, you can help change the mindset of our culture about private ownership of dangerous animals by rating the film, leaving a comment, and encouraging others to watch.

On behalf of the cats, thanks for helping encourage others to watch it!

Also get the book written by Tim Harrison here:


Check Out Fun Cat Videos Since Last Month

Mountain Lions in Wyoming need your voice NOW!!


Wyoming lawmakers have proposed a bill (HB 0012) that would legalize the cruel trapping and snaring of mountain lions.

Please take action here:


Outrageous Acts of Science

For those of you who missed the episode of Outrageous Acts Of Science, here is the link to our portion of the show. We were the first to be featured on this episode.


Help Us Defeat Animal Abusers

Big Cat Rescue is THE most hated sanctuary by animal abusers.  Since there is no way for them to stop us from exposing their misdeeds and no way for them to justify their exploitation of exotic cats, they resort to posting false reviews about us in an effort to trash our good name.  Most review sites won’t remove fake reviews, even when it obviously not from a real visitor.  If you are a real visitor to our sanctuary, and love the work that you have helped us do for big cats, please help us recover from a recent attack by blind followers of Black Jaguar White Tiger who have been posting false 1 star reviews on these sites:




Great Non Profits

Google Plus


Ask China to Stop Farming Tigers

China is in the process of revising its Wildlife Protection Law of 1989. It’s the first time the law has been amended thoroughly in 26 years and its unlikely there will be another opportunity to amend the law in the near future. The 1989 law provides the basis for China’s policy of wildlife “utilisation” and trade and breeding for commercial purposes.

The new draft law was published last month and unfortunately, continues to encourage commercial breeding and utilization as its founding principle. Public consultation over the draft law is ongoing and the deadline for comments is January 29th, 2016.  If you would like to submit comments in English, you can mail your comments to:

The Legal Committee of National People’s Congress
No. 1 West Avenue, Xicheng District,
Beijing, China  100805

Sample statement:

Please stop the captive breeding of tigers and stop using their parts and derivatives.


AdvoCat 2015 12

AdvoCat 2015 12

Happy Holidays from Big Cat Rescue


We have so much to be thankful for; wonderful people like you who help ensure that our big cats stay fed, our AdvoCats all around the world who work for laws to end the abuse of big cats, our Big Cat Rescuers who donate their time to caring for the cats, running the sanctuary and educating our guests, and to live in paradise.  This issue is our gift to you!


Holiday Goody Gifts for YOU!

Big Cat Rescue has teamed up with who is hosting LIVE STREAMING video of the cats. See tigers playing, swimming, sleeping, and eating.  Watch Nikita lioness as she plays and sleeps.  Watch adorable funny kittens playing.

FIRST: Go to to see the live streaming videos and use the “Snapshot” feature there to take your own photos of the lions, tigers, and kittens.

EVERY photo submission gets YOUR NAME placed in a drawing for a free t-shirt.

SECOND: Submit your photos to us before midnight on Christmas Eve.  The T-Shirt Winner will be announced on Christmas Day.  We will pick 30 photos to include in a special edition screensaver that we will give away Christmas Day.  Find out how to submit your photos here, where it says, Win A FREE Big Cat Rescue T-Shirt

Video Updates Since the Last Mews Letter

Bobcat Release Site Needed in Highlands County FL

State law requires that bobcats be released back to the same county where they were picked up for rehab.  Rain and Dancer came from Highlands County, so we need a release site that is in excess of 40 acres (the more land the better) where the owner will give us written permission to release them.  If you have land, or know a land baron, please email and let us know.


Can’t Get Enough of the Big Cats?

Now you can watch them LIVE on  Check out each of the webcams below:

Nikita Lioness

Vacation Rotation

Feeding Station

Kitten Cabana

Windsong Memorial Cat Hospital

Bobcat Rehab

AdvoCats Come in All Sizes

Our AdvoCats come in all ages, from all over the US and the world. Eleven year-old Alexander P. proves that anyone who cares about big cats can make a difference. For the past two years Alexander has supported Big Cat Rescue through our Buy a Brick program by collecting donations rather than gifts for his birthday. This school year, he and his fellow classmate are organizing a school fundraiser to sponsor one of our very own bobcats in honor of their school mascot.


Just this week, Alexander’s family surprised him with an early Christmas gift – a trip from Maryland to our sanctuary in Tampa, FL! During his visit Alexander learned more about the issues of private ownership and about our federal bill, the Big Cat Public Safety Act. Wanting to voice his support for big cats, Alexander plans on visiting the Capital next year to meet with legislators and tell them just how important this bill is to him.  Thank you for all that you do for the cats, Alexander!

Jennifer Leon, MPA Director of Outreach


AdvoCat 2015 10

AdvoCat 2015 10

Happy Halloween from Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescuers Have Rescued a 13-Year-Old Tiger Named Teisha from Ohio

On Monday, October 5, 2015, the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office took possession of 5 tigers from Mike Stapleton, owner of Paws & Claws Animal Sanctuary near Columbus.

Teisha TigerStapleton has been battling state officials to keep his tigers ever since Ohio legislators enacted an exotic animal law that went into effect almost two years ago. Authorities arrived prepared to seize Stapleton’s cats after he had vowed to never give up his cats, but in the end Stapleton peacefully surrendered his cats. All 5 cats will be placed in approved sanctuaries outside of Ohio.

When we learned that Teisha – a 13-year-old tiger, in such bad shape that she was unable to walk, and didn’t move even during the chaos and darting when authorities took possession of her two weeks ago – we immediately offered to bring Teisha to Big Cat Rescue where we can provide her with the best possible medical and dental care and nutrition.

It is our understanding that Stapleton told people on the scene Teisha had been injured by the other tigers in the cage, who constantly picked on her. It’s doubtful that a vet ever examined Teisha before ODA rescued her.

Four Big Cat Rescuers left Tampa on Wednesday, October 21, for the 15-hour drive up to Ohio with our transport carrier. They drove straight through and met with Ohio authorities and took possession of Teisha.

For the first week after Teisha was rescued by ODA, she did not stand and just peed and defecated while laying down. The ODA vets put her on pain medication and she has begun getting up and walking a little bit. It’s heartbreaking to speculate how long Teisha has been in pain but not receiving any medication while owned by Stapleton.

Although Teisha had a hard time standing when she first arrived, she is doing better every day.  Walking more, chuffing more and coming to enjoy life more, thanks to you, and proper vet care.

We will post updates about Teisha and her prognosis as we can. It is only because of our amazing donors like YOU that Big Cat Rescue can save these cats!

THANK YOU for your continuing support of our work and our sanctuary!

Rescue Photos as They Roll In

Teisha Tiger Walking

See all of the photos of Teisha the tiger as we get them here:


Video of Teisha’s Rescue

Coming soon!


Video update on Teisha


WHY Change Name from Keisha to Teisha?

We always try to keep a cat’s name, but at Big Cat Rescue we have protocols that demand every Keeper post observations to a database that shares the info with the CEO, President, Ops Mgr, maintenance crew and the Vets if it is a medical related post. Each cat has to have a unique name in the database.

We have had cats with the same name before, like Cleo Cougar, Cleo Serval and Cleo Bobcat, but we already had a Keisha Tiger. Calling the new cat Teisha Tiger makes sure that her observations records are unique to her and sounds similar enough to her that we hope she will just pass it off as a regional accent.

Cats are masters at hiding symptoms when they are ill. Daily observations are crucially important to managing health. That observations database is vital part of the daily care so a unique name is a must.

Teisha is an Arabic name that means Alive and Well, which is our goal for her.
October 25, 2015 Teisha got her first perfume tube and she certainly enjoyed sinking her claws and teeth into it.


Top Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation


We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and contact one or more of the offenders below to politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at



No. 1  The Tatiana Restaurant and Nightclub in Hallandale, Florida

Tatianahas featured live tigers in their nightclub shows. This photo from Tatiana’s Facebook page shows a woman performing last month with an adult tiger that does not appear to even be restrained. This is a public safety issue as well as animal exploitation.

Other photos taken by guests show a tiger in a tiny transport cage on stage at the nightclub. Imagine the noise the tiger must endure and the fear he must be experiencing! A loud nightclub is no place for a magnificent wild cat. Please ask Tatiana to STOP exploiting tigers and ask USDA to inspect the facility.

Ask USDA to inspect this nightclub:

Contact Tatiana Nightclub at and at 954-454-1222.

Comment on posts on Tatiana’s Facebook page:

Sign a petition here:


No. 2 The Alachua County Fair in Gainesville, Florida

Alachuathis week features the notorious Amazing Rainforest Experience circus show with big cats. You may recall seeing photos of emaciated tigers in August at the Missouri State Fair (one photo at right).

Those cats are also owned by Amazing Rainforest Experience, so it is very likely these same cats are now being forced to perform at the Alachua County Fair. Please email the fair and let them know animal lovers do NOT want to see big cats exploited as entertainment. Also ask the FWC to inspect the cats at the fair.

Contact the fair at

Ask the Florida Wildlife Commission to inspect the Amazing Rainforest Experience cats at the fair:


No. 3 Ustad, a wild tiger in India, needs your voice!

UstadTigerPlease add your ROAR to the global effort to return Ustad (T24) to the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve where he belongs!

Big Cat Rescue was contacted by a group of big cat advocates requesting our help to increase international awareness regarding the false accusation that a tiger named Ustad killed a local forest guide in the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in May 2015.

Witnesses said it was a different tiger that attacked the forest guide, yet Ustad was subsequently seized and illegally moved to a zoo more than 250 miles away from the only home he has ever known. Secretly capturing a wild tiger and moving him to a glorified zoo is against all of India’s standard operating procedures. Locals believe the move was orchestrated for purely political reasons.

Even more concerning is that the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), which is responsible for wild animal conservation in India, was not informed of the capture and move, against all of the country’s normal protocols. NTCA sent a team to the tiger reserve following the death of the forest guide and determined that Ustad was not guilty, acted as a normal tiger, and should be returned to the wild instead of locked up and exhibited at a glorified zoo for the rest of his life.

Please let India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the NTCA know that the world is watching and wants Ustad to be returned to the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve where he belongs.

Suggested Wording for your Email:

I wish to add my voice to the global ROAR that T24 Ustad be freed from captivity and immediately returned to the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve where he belongs!

NTCA has already determined that Ustad is not guilty of the attack and death of the forest guide in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in May 2015. NTCA found that Ustad acted as a normal tiger and should be returned to the wild. Please do not sentence Ustad to a life locked up and on exhibit for the rest of his life. He is a wild tiger and should be allowed the dignity to live out the rest of his life in the wild. The world is watching.

Please send your email to each of these email addresses. THANK YOU FOR ROARING FOR USTAD!!


October’s Featured FREE Treats

It’s no trick!

Featured Cat’s Story (Alex Tiger)
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Get them all here:


Videos Since the Last AdvoCat Mews-letter



SpookTacular Savings!

Take advantage of this hauntingly good deal in our online gift shop All purr-chases help the cats like Andre and Arthur here!


Small Cat Fun Area Gets a Roof

Our Small Cat Fun area has been under construction for about a year now.  It has been complicated by the fact that it is so huge and yet will require a roof.  Vernon Stairs and his son, Vern Stairs (his sister calls him Chuck) and Scott Haller have been working, in between record rain storms, to get this play area done.  More than 50 of the 5 x 15 foot roof panels are in place now…just 100’s to go.  This turned out to be a much more expensive and difficult project than we had planned, but the cats are going to love it!



Halloween Haunted House


hauntedtrailcatpumpkin2014Murder House will be offering terrifying experiences for those who love the thrill of haunted houses, and they are doing it to benefit Big Cat Rescue!

Right now they are having a contest here:

Big Cat Rescue will NOT be hosting a haunted trail this year, but instead is asking all of our supporters to go to the Murder House in Tampa to get your chills and thrills, as they will be donating proceeds to our cats.

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Have a Safe and Happy Halloween and be sure to keep your pets safe too.  Bring them inside!