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Big Cat Rescue’s partnership with Tampa, Florida, schools

By COURTNEY CAIRNS Published: April 8, 2009CITRUS PARK - Your grocery bill might be $250 a day, too, if you towered over a 6-foot-tall man and had paws the size of dinner plates. Flavio, a 20-year-old retired circus tiger, showed off his bulk last week when he leapt to his hind legs to snag a quarter of chicken that Scott Lope held over his head. Lope, the operations director at Big Cat Rescue, was feeding the lions and tigers in front of a tour group of Read More

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Animals in Bulgaria zoo shiver without gas heating

Date: 09-Jan-09Country: BULGARIAAuthor: Anna MudevaSOFIA - About 1,300 animals in a Bulgarian zoo were left without gas to heat their enclosures on Thursday, the latest victims of the Russia-Ukraine supply row.The zoo in the capital Sofia rushed to switch to electric heaters to keep its elephants, monkeys, parrots, rhinos and hippos warm in the sub-zero temperatures."About a third of the animals are vulnerable to cold," said the zoo's director Ivan Ivanov said. "Only the Siberian tigers feel comfortable in these temperatures."All Russian gas supplies Read More

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Description of model’s attack by lion at 60’s press conference

[NOTE: The description of the attack is bolded about half-way through the story] Models Rev Up To Sell At Detroit Auto ShowAll Things Considered, January 8, 2009 - Car sales are in the tank, and two of the Detroit Three automakers — General Motors Corp. and Chrysler — are teetering on the brink of collapse.But that won't stop hundreds of thousands of people from flocking to Detroit this weekend — as they do every year — for the North American International Auto Show.One group Read More

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Letter on truck stop tiger: Do they really need that tiger?

Do they really need that tiger?December 23, 2008 Fifteen years ago the lawmakers in Iberville Parish saw fit to pass a law making it illegal — among other things — for someone to exhibit a live tiger at a truck stop. Given that, I am not sure why a judge blocked Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries from removing the tiger.Tiger Truck Stop has a cafe, a country store and video poker. What proof does the owner have to support his claim that a "... large portion of the business at Tiger Truck Stop comes from customers stopping to view the tiger exhibit Read More

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Judge issues order in tiger case – Louisiana

By GREG GARLANDAdvocate Westside bureauPublished: Dec 16, 2008 - UPDATED: 11:23 a.m.PLAQUEMINE – A district court judge signed a temporary restraining order today that blocks state wildlife officials from seizing a 550-pound Siberian-Bengal tiger from a Gross Tete truck stop pending a hearing Dec. 29.The ruling by 18th Judicial District Judge J. Robin Free was in response to a lawsuit that Tiger Truck Stop owner Michael Sandlin filed against the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and Iberville Parish officials.State wildlife officials Read More