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Hunter Confusion – Can Orphaned Mtn Lion Kittens Be Legally Shot or State Rescues Them

One mountain lion kitten has been shot and killed during the first two weeks of the 2011 cougar-hunting season, while three other kittens have been rescued for shipment to zoos after their mother was killed by another hunter.It's a seemingly contradictory irony that shows problems in the mountain lion season, Custer veterinarian Sharon Seneczko said Monday. Seneczko, founder and president of the Black Hills Mountain Lion Foundation, praised the state Game, Fish & Parks Department for rescuing three kittens estimated at 3 to 4 months old.But Read More

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Live recovering bobcat video draws 50,000 hits in two weeks

Skip the Bobcat touches lives world wide TAMPA - Rescuing stray cats is nothing new for Nici and Skip Haerter, but their latest rescue is no ordinary cat. "I love animals and there was never a question in my mind. I'd do whatever it took," Nici said. While driving down Highway 46 in Sorrento, Nici saw a wild bobcat in the grass. Except, the wild bobcat wasn't acting very wild. He wasn't really moving at all, likely hit by a car. Nici called Skip for help. He brought his truck and loaded the bobcat in, which was the easy part because Read More

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Big Cat Rescue’s Website is Down

We are spending 160.00 a month for a dedicated server at Hostican butit cannot keep our website up and running. We keep getting the runaround from support. If you need tour times or to contact us use:BigCatRescue.com12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625813.920.4130SaveTheBigCats@gmail.comJoin more than 37,000 Big Cat Rescue fans  Follow Me and get a free wild cat screen saver or ecardaccount @BigCatRescue Read More

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Family Mourns Death of Lion Tamer Father

Those of us who grew up in the Conejo Valley may remember a place called Jungleland, a wild animal park that offered animal rides, exhibits and wild animal shows. Truly a unique place, Jungleland drew people from all areas, including celebrities, and essentially helped put Thousand Oaks on the map.Those of us who were fortunate enough to have visited this marvelous place may recall seeing a big cat show, where ferocious wild lions came charging into a steel arena only to be halted by the snapping whip of a courageous lion trainer, that man being Read More

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Elusive wildcat species believed extinct, spotted by camera traps

London, Jan 17 (IANS) One of the world's most elusive wildcats, believed extinct after 2003, has been spotted in pictures from camera traps. The Bornean Bay Cat, similar in size to a large domestic cat, has a long tail and either a reddish or grey coat. Three pictures showing two or three of the Bay Cats were taken in the northern highlands of Sarawak state in Borneo, Malaysia by researchers working for the forestry department, the Telegraph reports. The last pictures of the Bay Cat were taken in Lanjak Entimau wildlife sanctuary in Read More