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Male Leopard

DOB 2/23/96


Since he is one of the first black leopards you see at the sanctuary, Jumanji is used to quite a bit of attention. Most days, he can be found in the shadiest part of his cat-a-tat lounging on his fern-covered tree log. It is very easy to see how well black leopards camouflage themselves in the jungle since most people walk right by without noticing him there. People magazine certainly noticed Jumanji though.  His photo was featured in an article written about Big Cat Rescue.

Jumanji is also known as quite the superstar achiever in our Operant Conditioning Program.  He learns very quickly and always wants to please, especially when treats are involved.  If the keeper is not quick enough with the reward, Jumanji will offer other behaviors to see if maybe the keeper wants something else.  He makes it easy to capture and reward other behaviors, which he will then subsequently remember.  The adage that leopards have the longest memories truly applies to Jumanji.

Jumanji was born here back before we learned that no privately held exotic cats serve any sort of conservation purpose.  Back then, in the pre-Internet era of the 90’s, the only people we could turn to for advice were breeders and dealers who lied to us about the necessity of breeding exotic cats to save them.  As soon as we learned better we stopped breeding and began campaigning to end the abuse of breeding wild cats for life in cages.

On 2/3/09 Panther International pledged to donate $20,000 to Jumanji’s life time care.



Sponsor Jumanji http://big-cat-rescue.myshopify.com/collections/sponsor-a-cat

Jumanji-Leopard Jumanji-Leopard Jumanji-Leopard

Why isn’t this cat called a Black Panther?


Jumanji Gets New Digs


Leopard Island is what we call an area of the sanctuary that is in the middle of four cart paths.


We are moving all of the leopards to Leopard Island so they can access tunnels.


The tunnels connect to lion, tiger and leopard cages so we can easily move cats to and from their vacation site.


The vacation site is 2.5 acres called the Vacation Rotation enclosure.


Each big cat gets a two week vacation in the Vacation Rotation area and then shifts back to their enclosure.


We have gotten pretty good at moving leopards this way, but it will be much easier to just open a gate.


Eventually we hope to connect cougar tunnels as well so they can go on vacation too.


Volunteers added some more dirt / sand to this enclosure yesterday so it looks like a beach, but will be full of grass soon.



Alex Bobcat comes to the front of his cat-a-tat across the cart path to check out the new neighbor.


The Holley’s built a new platform for Jumanji so he could have great views of the lake and paths.



Little Feather Bobcat comes to the front of her cat-a-tat across the cart path to check out the new neighbor.


Jumanji gives his seal of approval on the new digs.  Thanks for making it possible to enrich their lives.

You can continue to provide such excellent care by donating here:  http://bigcatrescue.org/donate/

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February 15, 2016 – Jumanji is sedated for treatment. http://bigcatrescue.org/jumanji-leopard-and-bongo-serval-surgeries/ Jumanji had dental surgery, as well as had the mass on his forehead removed. The mass was sent to lab for testing. It appears as though Jumanji got a stick stuck across the roof of his mouth causing two of his molars to go bad as well as neighboring molars. So now he does not have any upper molars and cannot chew. He will be on a soft food diet forever. His food must be cut up in pieces small enough to just swallow. He will recover in the concrete hospital cage for five days before returning to his enclosure. This will help keep his stitches clean. Also found during his exam was significant spondylosis, arthritis, in his spine. He will be on pain medications for the next week to see how it helps.

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 8

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 8

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 8

Who are the protesters out front of Big Cat Rescue?

Protesters Who Exploit Wild Animals and Hate Big Cat Rescue & Defaced Sign

Protesters Who Exploit Wild Animals and Hate Big Cat Rescue & Defaced Sign

The protesters outside Big Cat Rescue are owners, breeders and dealers of big cats who are increasingly threatened by the success Big Cat Rescue is having in raising national awareness of the plight of exotic cats and the need to ban private ownership of these cats.


Big cats should not be bred for monetary gain, entertainment, or use as pets, props or for their parts. Period. Private ownership and commercial exploitation results in these majestic animals living in deplorable conditions. A recent poll of 10,000 Americans shows that 86% of people agree with us. These protesters are among the small minority who wrongly believe that it’s ok to breed, exhibit, sell and use exotic cats however they want. They protest Big Cat Rescue because their livelihoods are threatened by us and others whose mission it is to stop the breeding and abuse of exotic cats.


We take it as a sign of our success that the bad guys find us to be such a threat that they bother to fly in from all over the country to try and unite against us.  The only damage the bad guys did was to deface our signs but what can you expect from people who abuse animals?  The most frequent comment yesterday by our visitors was that they sure were glad we had our people at the street showing them where to turn as it is easy to miss our entrance.  We let our guests know that those were not any friends of ours and used the opportunity to illustrate how successful our mission has been to end abuse.  This could only have been better if it had gotten some media attention, but we didn’t see any.


To learn how you can help stop the abuse of big cats, visit www.CatLaws.com.


Big Cat Rescue is the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats. We are accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, certified by Independent Charities of America as a “Best in America Charity,” and hold a four-star rating from Charity Navigator for sound financial management.


Vote this Weekend to Help Us Win $25,000!


If you live in LA, TX, FL,AZ, CO, NM and Texarcana, AR and Salt Lake City, UT and at least 13 years of age or older we need you to vote 5 times a day for Big Cat Rescue to win $25,000.


Voting ends Oct 15.


You can do all 5 votes in a row each day. http://www.albertsonscpchallenge.com/index.php


Our code number is 0063. Here is a flyer to post: Albertsons $25,000 Contest Flyer An easy URL to remember is VoteCats.com Please vote every day!


Angie introduces tour guests to Simba leopard while Amanda back up

Angie introduces tour guests to Simba leopard while Amanda back up

Ty serval comes over to see the tour guests who are all watching Cameron lion

Ty serval comes over to see the tour guests who are all watching Cameron lion

The tour group got to feel the reverberation of Cameron lion's roar

The tour group got to feel the reverberation of Cameron lion's roar

The last thing you see before Sundari leopard leaps at the camera!

The last thing you see before Sundari leopard leaps at the camera!

Do these black spotted pants make my butt look big?

Do these black spotted pants make my butt look big?

Volunteers finish up barricade painting started by ValPak crew earlier

Volunteers finish up barricade painting started by ValPak crew earlier

I read a great story in Animal People News today.  An animal protection group got a tip that there was a truck load of live cats heading to a live food market in China.  They had the police lay a trap and when the truck was pulled over it appeared to be full of furniture containers.  After about an hour of interrogating the drivers the police were just about to let them go, when one cat stuck her head up out of one of the crates and mewed.  The police ripped open the crates and were able to save 260 live cats from being sent to their slaughter.



There were 259 cats who were quietly and fearfully riding to their deaths, but ONE stood up to be heard.  Sometimes it only takes one. Maybe YOU are that one who will be be the voice to save so many.


Calif. zoo’s black leopard euthanized

Chaffee Zoo’s black leopard dies

Posted at 10:33 PM on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009
The Fresno Bee

Kalika, a 19-year-old female black leopard, was euthanized Thursday at Fresno Chaffee Zoo following extensive treatment for renal failure, zoo officials said.

“One of the saddest aspects of working in a zoo is when these difficult decisions have to be made,” zoo Director Scott Barton said. “Kali lived a good, long life, and we’re happy our guests were able to appreciate how amazing leopards are through her living here.”

Kalika was born in the Houston Zoo in 1989 and had been at the Fresno zoo since 1990. At nearly 20 years old, she was one of the oldest known leopards in captivity. She had been the only leopard at the zoo since her mate died in 1998. She never had offspring.

Black leopards, often called panthers, are leopards with an excess of the black pigment melanin; their characteristic spots can be seen upon close examination. Leopards hunt mainly at night and rest in trees during the day. Zoo visitors often found Kalika resting on a tree limb in front of her cage.



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