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Cages   Big Cat Caging No big cat belongs in a cage, but until we have better laws to protect exotic cats from being bred for lives of captivity and deprivation, we need to give them as much space and privacy as possible.  In their wild their territories would measure in square miles, not square feet, so even at its best a cage is nothing more than a jail cell. Since all exotic cats, no matter how early they are neutered or spayed, spray bucket loads of urine all day you will want to provide an outdoor Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Sept 3 2013

The Lion Ark movie is opening at the film festivals and this is your chance to be one of the first to see the “feel good movie of the year”! More action adventure style than traditional documentary, Lion Ark tells the story of the undercover investigations, the lobbying, the law and enforcement of the ban on animal circuses in Bolivia. Circuses that defy the new law are tracked down, animals saved and a joyous finale sees 25 lions airlifted to freedom. This is a hugely important film for raising awareness about the suffering of animals Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Jan 26 2013

  Jade and Armani Leopards Get Room to Roam   Vern and Chuck Stairs connect Kanawha's old cage to Jade and Armani Leopards' cat a tat.   Nothing is ever easy!   We are building this wonderful, 2.5 acre Vacation Rotation enclosure for our cats to take turns in, and creating a tunnel system to move tigers from all across the road to get them to the new spot when we come to Bengali Tiger's cat-a-tat.  Bengali is ancient and suffers from arthritis, so his open top cage is sufficient Read More