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Captive Wildlife Laws Rules Florida

The Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is currently reviewing their rules governing captive wild animals and accepting public comment.  We believe that some important changes in the rules could signicantly reduce the misery endured by many of these animals.  Below are the current rules in grey boxes and Big Cat Rescue's suggested changes bold/red. Florida Residents you can help!  Please take a minute to send a quick comment to the FWC here about cub petting, the rule change we think can have the most dramatic impact: 2014 Read More

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Cat Chat 34

Robin Greenwood, President of Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary joins Carole Baskin on Cat Chat 34 today.  Robin is both the Founder of the sanctuary and the President and talks with us today about how Elmira's was started, their evolution and their future plans.   Playlist of Cat Chat Show videos Find the Cat Chat Show in iTunes Find the Cat Chat Show on Libsyn   Read More

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Born to be Wild and Free

Born to be Wild and Free By Ira Fischer   There is a large and rapidly growing American subculture characterized by individuals raising some of the world’s most dangerous animals as pets. Remarkably, there are more tigers privately held in the U.S. than found in the wild. These “pets”, which are typically kept in small cages in backyards, garages or basements of homes, oftentimes suffer from severe health defects due to their captivity. Captive big cats are particularly vulnerable to inhumane treatment and these magnificent Read More

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Most Indian circuses disregard ban on using big cats

This circus still has a tusk force Express FeaturesFirst Published : 22 Dec 2009 07:33:58 AM ISTLast Updated : 22 Dec 2009 10:33:12 AM ISTBANGALORE: Your 'favourite' (or so they claim) Gemini Circus is back in the city.And so are the elephants.Wondering what happened to the recent notification according to which the elephants cannot be kept in zoos? Mind you, the definition of zoos includes circus also in the Wildlife Protection Act.What about Bollywood bimbette Celina Jaitley's sincere attempts to save these elephants in captivity? "After coming Read More

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Information Resource on Big Cats

The citations in this bibliography pertain to the health, care and housing of big cats. This information will be of use to research facilities, zoos, circuses and conservation programs to assist them in the care, breeding, husbandry and conservation of these beautiful animals. It may also be of interest to those who would like additional information on the care and preservation of these seven big cats.The Federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulates the care, housing and treatment of warm blooded animals used for research, public exhibition, transportation Read More