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Cat Chat 34

Robin Greenwood, President of Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary joins Carole Baskin on Cat Chat 34 today.  Robin is both the Founder of the sanctuary and the President and talks with us today about how Elmira's was started, their evolution and their future plans.   Playlist of Cat Chat Show videos Find the Cat Chat Show in iTunes Find the Cat Chat Show on Libsyn   Read More

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Raptor Show Ends at Zoo When Big Cat Eats Owl

It is a scene played out in thousands of gardens every day...albeit on a rather smaller scale. But when a cat caught and devoured a bird at a zoo, it caused pandemonium among visitors. In this case it was a lion that ate a barn owl which had become “spooked” during a falconry display and flown out of the arena. The unfortunate bird, a female called Ash, had been left dazed and disoriented after clattering into a window. She landed unsteadily in a couple of other spots before swooping down to a ledge in the lion enclosure. The Read More

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Circus Life…”Captive” Entertainment

Circus Life..."Captive" Entertainment   Circus Life...Step Right up to the Greatest Show of Exploitation on Earth! USDA only requires that a cage for a wild animal be large enough that the animal be able to stand and turn around in the cage. They allow even smaller enclosures for the purpose of travel.... Big Cats can be confined to cages that are too small to even stand up and turn around in for up to 60 days. If the cat is let out into the ring to perform, or into an exercise yard, then Read More

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Germany: Lynx recuperates after head surgery

Luchsin Pamina ist wieder auf den BeinenVon Holger SchlegelLuchsin Pamina ist wieder auf den BeinenBAD HARZBURG. Sie ist der Star des Luchs-Schaugeheges an den Rabenklippen. Und deshalb war im Sommer die Anteilnahme groß, als der zahmen Luchsdame Pamina eine lebensgefährliche Operation bevorstand. Wie ernst es um sie stand, zeigt die Tatsache, dass sie erst dieser Tage wieder wirklich auf dem Damm ist.Schon lange Zeit hatte Pamina gesundheitliche Probleme gehabt, sie taumelte und zeigte Ausfallerscheinungen. Im Sommer dann bekamen Ole Anders, Read More

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Cougar cubs settle in at Calif. wildlife center

Petaluma cougar cubs redeem their imageBy SEAN TROTT,ARGUS-COURIER INTERNPublished: Friday, June 19, 2009 at 1:50 p.m.Last Modified: Friday, June 19, 2009 at 1:50 p.m.The adopting of lost, feral animals has been a trend among hospitable families for longer than many people realize. However, the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue has stepped up the idea several notches by taking in two orphaned mountain lion cubs.Organization volunteers hope that this will yield several positive results, including a new perspective on the lives mountain lions lead. Besides Read More