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Rescue of Sophia the Cougar

Sophia Female Cougar DOB 1/1/91 Rescued on 1/22/09 Died 7/24/10 "Will anyone give me $200 for this fine breeding age puma?" the auctioneer's voice blasts over the loud speakers in the livestock barn during an animal auction in Louisiana. A red neck raises his number, thinking to himself, that he can mount her head and that of the male cougar he just bought over the T. V. in his trailer. The gavel slams down and Sophia's life has just taken a perilous change for the worse. She and her mate had been ripped from their mothers when they were cubs, Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 5 2013

Howard Baskin Presents at Grant Makers   Howard Baskin, CFO of Big Cat Rescue presents How to apply For Profit Principles to the Non Profit at Grant Makers 2013.     #GivingTuesday     The American Marketing Association at the University of South Florida   is once again teaming up with Big Cat Rescue to help advocate for the magnificent creatures that call the sanctuary home as well as others around the world.     I’d like to encourage BCR volunteers, Interns, as Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Jan 19 2013

Deleted Scene Tigers Unleashed   I just found this deleted scene from Fatal Attractions - Tigers Unleashed, about TJ and Bella tigers:   Help Us Double Subscriptions to BigCatTV   Intern Housing Plans   We are working with designers to come up with funky new intern housing that would be recycled shipping containers, something like this:   Friends Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Dec 3 2012

Carole Baskin on Talking Animals What Carole Baskin learned in 20 years of saving exotic cats. Carole talks about the Big Cat Coalition and our work to end the trade in big cats.  In this interview Carole mis spoke and said "one week window" but meant "one month window." Carole takes a call on Talking Animals. Rebuttal to Pay to Play exploiters and those who mislead others Read More
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