Cat Chat Show Notes Aug 7 2013

Cat Chat Show Notes Aug 7 2013

Today David Lee Stanton Interviews

Bobbi Brink from Lions, Tigers and Bears



Recap of the week at Big Cat Rescue


What an amazing week!


Bengali Tiger goes “Free!”

August 5 2013 This morning USDA published the Big Cat Coalition’s petition in the Federal Register –

post comment here:!submitComment;D=APHIS_FRDOC_0001-1477


Celebrity visit by Luigi Baricelli

Captive Primate Safety Act is introduced


Shark Week Video

China hosts tiger conference

Big Cats Love Boxes featured on The Daily Cute

USDA creates new cage standards for lions and tigers


Lions Should Be Protected, Not on the Menu  Pages 30-31


How Cub Petting Kills Wild Tigers

What is Killing Tiger Cubs?


Bella Tiger Biopsy


Who are the real animal terrorists?


How cub petting violates the Endangered Species Act


5 Common Cat Health Problems


The Royal Manticoran Navy

Thanks to the ROARING generosity of The Royal Manticoran Navy, the Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, representatives from Big Cat Rescue recently tabled and spoke as part of the 35th Annual Shore Leave Science Fiction Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland.


Big Cat Rescuers Visit Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary



Parrots and Pistols?


Dart-Rifle-Practice-1 Dart-Rifle-Practice-2 Dart-Rifle-Practice-4 Dart-Rifle-Practice-5 Dart-Rifle-Practice-61 Dart-Rifle-Practice-72 Dart-Rifle-Practice-75 Dart-Rifle-Practice-83 Dart-Rifle-Practice-94 Dart-Rifle-Practice-Jenna Dart-Rifle-Practice-Jo

Who put the Con in Conservation?


What does a liger look like?





EIA – Expertise in Environmental Issues


THE London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is pleased to offer the expertise of its experienced, authoritative campaigners to journalists and writers covering environmental issues.


EIA was established in 1984 to investigate, expose and campaign against the illegal trade in wildlife and the exploitation of the natural environment, and has built an international reputation for its pioneering use of undercover techniques.


Working to uncover transnational organised environmental crime – such as the illegal trades in wildlife, timber and ozone-depleting substances – EIA routinely employs secret cameras, hidden tape recorders, photography, fake front companies, false identities and clandestine on-site visits to obtain hard evidence of crime.


By seeking to identify and expose eco crime and then alert governments, police and customs, EIA has directly brought about significant changes in international law and the policies of governments, saving the lives of millions of rare and endangered animals, stemming flows of illegal timber and putting a stop to the devastating impacts of environmental criminals.


Our major achievements include bringing about an international ivory ban in 1987; stopping the illegal wild bird trade; putting an end to the smuggling of ozone-depleting CHC gases; prompting Indonesia’s biggest ever crackdown on illegal logging; revealing the trans-Himalayan trade in big cat skins; spurring major internet companies to withdraw cetacean products; and playing a major role in bringing about the 2013 European Union Timber Regulation.


EIA investigators are acknowledged experts in their respective fields, able to provide journalists with insightful background briefings and highly informed comment for both breaking news stories and deep background features.


Please call us on +44 (0) 20 7354 7960 for comment, or contact our campaigners directly from the list of specialties below:






Julian Newman

Campaigns Director



Expertise: environmental crime, especially illegal logging, smuggling of ozone-depleting substances and illicit trade in electronic waste


Julian joined EIA in July 1997 as an investigator after working as a journalist for six years. He has carried out field investigations into illegal logging in Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Laos, and wildlife crime investigations in Tanzania, Zambia, Singapore and China. He has also been involved in training local NGOs in Indonesia and Tanzania. Since 2008 he has been Campaigns Director.





Clare Perry

Head of Cetaceans Campaign



Expertise: Icelandic whaling, Japanese scientific whaling, Japanese coastal whaling of small cetaceans, contaminants in whale meat, marine debris


A biologist with experience in environmental consultancy and marine conservation, Clare joined EIA in 1998 to work on the Cetacean Campaign and has led many investigations into Japanese whale & dolphin hunting and Icelandic whaling, working closely on EIA’s corporate campaign to reduce the Japanese market for cetacean products. Clare has attended meetings of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) since 1999, and was a member of the IWC Scientific Committee from 1999-2004.






Mary Rice

Executive Director & Head of Elephants Campaign



Expertise: elephant and rhinoceros conservation issues, poaching, ivory smuggling, legal and illegal ivory trade & markets, illegal rhino horn trade, veterinary cordon fences


Mary has been with EIA since 1996, joining as a volunteer before holding positions including Head of Communications & Projects and Head of Development. She is responsible for directing the long-term strategic management of EIA as well as working on specific projects and leading the Elephants Campaign.






Charlotte Davies

Intelligence Analyst



Expertise: environmental crime esp illegal wildlife trade (Asian big cats, ivory, rhino horn, pangolins), organised crime, crime analysis, criminology


Charlotte joined EIA in 2008. She previously worked as a police crime analyst and primarily works on the illegal wildlife trade and illegal logging. She maintains an overview of other wildlife trade dynamics which are currently not subject to specific campaigns (ie, rhino horn, pangolins, lions).






Faith Doherty

Head of Forests Campaign



Expertise: forest law, forest governance issues in SouthEast Asia (esp Indonesia & Burma/Myanmar) and China, illegal logging, timber barons, European Union Timber Regulation, human rights in Burma/Myanmar


After working in the environment movement and human rights community, with a special focus on Burma/Myanmar, Faith joined EIA in the late 1990s. Her work on the Forests Campaign includes a focus on Indonesia, SouthEast Asia and the consuming countries of Western Europe. In 2000, she and a colleague were kidnapped, beaten and pressed at gunpoint to recant evidence of forestry crime in Indonesia, uncovered by EIA and its partner Telapak. Together with Indonesian partners, Faith led an EIA campaign against Indonesian timber barons resulting in an Indonesia/EU bilateral treaty through the EU Forest Law, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) action plan. Faith is currently leading EIA’s Forests Campaign.



Jago Wadley

Forests Campaigner



Expertise: forest law, forest issues in SouthEast Asia and China, illegal logging, REDD+, oil palm plantations, European Union Timber Regulation


Jago spent three years investigating UK and European timber imports for Greenpeace UK before joining EIA’s forest campaign in 2005. He has been involved in EIA’s illegal logging and timber trade investigations in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Laos, and other Asian countries, and in EIA’s timber trade regulation campaign in the EU. More recently, following three years delivering civil society training in Indonesia’s Papua and West Papua provinces, Jago has developed EIA’s work on plantations expansion, and also leads EIA’s work on REDD+.






Clare Perry

Head of Global Environment Campaign



Expertise: ozone-depleting substances, climate-changing gases, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), the Montreal Protocol, European Union F-Gas Regulation, F-gases in refrigerants and air-conditioning


Joining EIA in 1998 to work on the Cetacean Campaign, Clare has also led the Global Environment Campaign since 2007, focusing on efforts to rid the world of climate-damaging HFCs. She regularly attends UN Montreal Protocol meetings and is working closely with retailers through the Consumer Goods Forum to persuade supermarkets to rapidly phase out HFCs.



Natasha Hurley

Global Environment Campaigner



Expertise: Montreal Protocol, ozone-depleting substances, EU & international climate policy, EU political process, Clean Development Mechanism, carbon markets, carbon offsetting


Natasha’s work at EIA includes monitoring & combating the illegal trade in ozone-depleting substances (CFCs & HCFCs) and lobbying for an international phase-out of HFCs. She previously worked for carbon market watchdog CDM Watch in Brussels.






Debbie Banks

Head of Tigers Campaign



Expertise: investigations and advocacy, tiger & Asian big cat conservation issues, organised wildlife crime, Asian big cat poaching and trafficking, tiger farming, trade in tiger parts and derivatives in traditional Chinese medicines, illegal trade in tiger skins and bones, trans-Himalayan smuggling routes


Debbie has been with EIA since 1996, volunteering for a year before joining as a campaigner and, in 2001, becoming Tiger Campaign Leader. She is a member of the Board of the Species Survival Network (SSN) and Chair of the SSN Big Cat Working Group. She has trained several investigators on the Tigers Campaign since 1999 and has worked on projects and investigations in India, Nepal, China, Thailand, USA, Europe and Japan. Debbie has a BSc in Zoology and an MSc in Conservation.






EIA has an extensive library of documentation comprising video and film, slides, prints and digital images relating to our environmental crime investigations.


For footage and film inquiries, please contact Communications Officer Emma Clark or +44 (0) 20 7354 7960.


For general media inquiries, please contact Press & Communications Officer Paul Newman or +44 (0) 20 7354 7960.
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Cat Chat Show Notes July 31 2013

Cat Chat Show Notes July 31 2013

Cat Chat Show 14





1.  The most exciting news is that our Senate bill S 1381 was introduced by Senator Blumental yesterday.  It  is the companion bill for the House version HR 1998 of the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act.

This bill would ban the private possession of big cats.

It would ban public contact with the big cats and their cubs.

It would grandfather in existing cat owners, but they can’t buy or breed more.

  People can send a quick and easy letter to both the House and Senate here:  2.  Darnell Dockett just bought a tiger cub and wants to take it to his games as an attention getter. 2003 Law says you can’t sell or transport tigers across state lines to a non USDA facility, so does Darnell have a USDA license?

Who sold him the cub?

You aren’t supposed to exhibit, like showing off at a game, without a USDA license.

We turned him in to both USDA and USFWS.

USFWS said they will be posting the final rule on generic tigers soon.

Sample letter to send to the Arizona Cardinals and USDA here:  3.  Bengali the Tiger cut the ribbon (ducked under it actually) for the grand opening of the Vacation Rotation enclosure.  The event was attended by some of the larger donors to the project and Fox 13, ABC News, Bay News 9 and the St. Pete Times.  They may have syndicated it out to other stations.


Press-Vacation-Rotation-BayNews9-2013-07-30 at 1.19.44 PM

ABC also had a brief story, link below.

And CBS had a story online, link below. So all 5 news stations did something about the VR. 🙂

See more photos here:

Flavio, the world’s oldest tiger will go out in 2 weeks when his tunnel is done.

4.  Hamburger Mary’s Drag Queen Bingo was last night and raised $2,157.00 in two hours.  Daphne was the Drag Queen and everyone had a great time.  The 50/50 raffle winner won $521.00, 10 Bingo winners won the great cat baskets, 4 raffle winners won plushy wildcats and Frontflip players won bandanas and tickets! Getting photos from Howie. Reminder that you can use the free FrontFlip app to play daily on both Facebook and Google + to win an iPad mini and other great prizes.

5.  Thank Sam Simon

6.  Angie the bobcat goes in for dental work

7.  Technology Serving Cats.  Every day our vet staff are in constant contact via our iPhones and iPads.  Today Gale asked if this cat looks too fat and needs to be put on a diet.


Gale also keeps me posted as things are done around the sanctuary; like Interns installing a water bowl for a cat who was found to be drinking a lot more, due to camera traps that Jamie set around her enclosure.  Rose the Caracal is 16 and probably in renal failure.  She is going in to the vet’s office today for blood work.


8.  Too late for last week’s Cat Chat, but the Iberian Lynx is expected to die out in the next 50 years due to climate change.


9.  These earrings I am wearing aren’t available online yet, but you can email to buy them.  They are $15.00 plus shipping and handling.  I am wearing Raindance the bobcat, but we also have Nirvana the ocelot, Joseph the lion and others.  They come in both silver and copper.


10.  Photos in oil paint filters on Facebook Thurston the bobcat oil painting

11.  Just refer guests to this Forty eight minute video, starts out with Amanda the tiger being pretty scary: Or, you could play the first few minutes to see that.  She had been locked up while we were building her and her brothers a platform and was not happy about being kept out of the action.

Too late for the show:


Part Two


This week’s episode of Special Assignment – focuses on the lion bone trade which has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years.  Many people know about how the rhino is being poached for its horn, which is used in traditional medicines in Asia, but few know that lion bones are also being used as a replacement for tiger bones in tiger bone wine in Asia, since the tiger numbers have plummeted so drastically.  There are concerns that the trade, which is now just a by-product of the hunt, will eventually spill over into wild lion populations.

This is a follow-up to Part One of this series in which we revealed that canned hunting is still taking place in South Africa, despite the perception by many South Africans, that it had been stopped years ago.  We also investigated the so-called “green con”, where volunteers are paying exorbitant amounts to come to South Africa to hand raise lion cubs under the impression that they are doing it for conservation, showing that often it is just a money making scheme.  This episode showed lions that have been rescued from bad situations and analysed how being bred in captivity can impact on the welfare of these iconic African animals. Many conservationists feel that the captive bred and wild lion is not protected by the law and that there are many holes in the permitting system for the breeding and hunting of lion.  They say the country needs to have standardised regulations across all provinces. This series interrogates the regulatory framework as far as this industry is concerned.

Is the Lion in danger of becoming extinct?  Some experts say that in twenty years the wild lion population has dropped by 80-percent.  Today, only two-thousand-eight-hundred lions are left in the wild in South Africa.  However, the lion is only listed as vulnerable and not endangered, which affords them less protection.  We also ask, does the captive breeding of lions have any conservation value?

THE CON IN CONSERVATION?” – Part Two, is produced by Richelle Seton-Rogers and will be aired on Thursday the 01st of AUGUST 2013 on Special Assignment – broadcast on SABC 3 at 21:30PM.

Chris Mercer and Bev Pervan Campaign Against Canned Hunting, Sec 21 NGO Co-authors of: Kalahari Dream For the love of Wildlife

Hamburger-Marys-Drag-Queen-Bingo-1 Hamburger-Marys-Drag-Queen-Bingo-2 Hamburger-Marys-Drag-Queen-Bingo-3 Hamburger-Marys-Drag-Queen-Bingo-4 Hamburger-Marys-Drag-Queen-Bingo-5 Hamburger-Marys-Drag-Queen-Bingo-6
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Cat Chat Show Notes July 24 2013

Cat Chat Show Notes July 24 2013

Cat Cat Show 13




Khaleesi Goes Outside


New Video for Big Cat Ban HR 1998



Bella the Tigress


She has an infection.  We fear it is cancer.  We will be sedating and drawing blood and doing an exam.  But if it is, then what?


Tiger Destroys Golf Cart



More Big Cat News


Today at Big Cat Rescue July 23 2013


Abused Leopards




50 Years or Less for Iberian Lynx Extinction


The Iberian lynx, with two small and isolated populations and about 300 individuals left, is considered the most endangered cat in the world.

The Iberian lynx, the world’s most endangered cat, will probably go extinct in 50 years as a result of climate change, a new study in the journal Nature Climate Change reports.

The Iberian lynx looks like a bobcat. It has grayish fur covered in dark spots, long legs, a short black-tipped tail, and black-tufted ears. There are only an estimated 250 Iberian lynx left in the wild, which survive in two isolated breeding populations in Southern Spain.

During the twentieth century, populations sank to a catastrophic low because of dramatic reductions in the big cat’s main food source — the European rabbit. The rabbit makes up more than 80% of the Iberian lynx diet, according to the study, but a mix of disease and over-hunting has made the rabbit scarce.

Climate change will put the final nail in the coffin, says lead author Miguel Araújo and colleagues.

Researchers contend that current recovery plans — captive breeding programs that facilitate the reintroduction of the Iberian lynx into the wild — are not effective because they don’t account for the impact of climate change, which will make Southern Spain and Portugal unsuitable habitats for the lynx by mid-century. The outcome is not likely to change even if strong efforts are made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within this century, the report finds.

“Survival of the species in the long term may require higher latitude and higher altitude regions on the Iberian Peninsula,” according to a statement from the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute.

The Iberian lynx can be saved, but it will require “a carefully planned reintroduction programme, accounting for the effects of climate change, prey abundance and habitat connectivity,” the authors write.

Dina Spector Jul. 22, 2013, 10:11 AM 1,657

CSIC Andalusia Audiovisual Bank/ Héctor Garrido


Hamburger Mary’s Drag Queen Bingo Event


Tuesday July 30 at 7:30 PM
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Cat Chat Show Notes July 17 2013

Cat Chat Show Notes July 17 2013

Cat Chat Show 12



Win an iPad Mini on

Win an iPad Mini on


Banshee Bobcat Caught a Snake




Meet Khaleesi the Bobcat Kitten



2 minute long video.  She is here for rehab


Save Our Bobcats

There’s a boom in bobcat trapping in California – and you can help stop it. 

Escalating demand for bobcat pelts, particularly in China and Russia, is driving up fur prices. That’s putting California’s wild bobcats at risk.

A new state law would protect our bobcats from being trapped and sold for their pelts. The California Assembly already voted yes on A.B. 1213, the Bobcat Protection Act.Thank you for contacting your Assembly member in support of this bill.

Now you can help the bobcat again. The state Senate is preparing to vote on the bill. Please urge your senator to support the Bobcat Protection Act.

In California, it is still legal to trap and kill an unlimited number of bobcats during the trapping season, from November through January.

The number of bobcats trapped and killed has doubled since 2010. Sadly, the trend shows no signs of slowing.

This is why IFAW supports the passage of the Bobcat Protection Act, introduced in the California legislature by Assembly member Richard Bloom of Santa Monica.

If passed, the Bobcat Protection Act would prohibit trapping in the lands directly adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park. It would also require the California Fish and Game Commission to, among other progressive actions, adopt regulations prohibiting bobcat trapping adjacent to other national or state parks, monuments and wildlife refuges.

We are almost there. But we need your help now more than ever.

After being passed by the full Assembly in May and a key Senate committee in June, the bill is now headed to the Senate floor for a vote.

Please urge your senator to vote “Yes” on A.B. 1213, the Bobcat Protection Act.

Thank you,

Jeffrey Flocken
North American Regional Director, IFAW


Cierra the One Eyed Cat Gets Adopted




Center for Great Apes


12 minute long video

Operation Wild Web

More than 150 people faces charges as officials seize endangered tiger pelt, elephant ivory



Best Zoo Expose Ever

It certainly stands to reason that similar issues have tortured tigers in zoos and I would love to see you expose that.  It is my understanding that there is not one purebred Bengal tiger in America because of the craze to inbreed tigers to produce white coats.
More on that page:  Trapping bill in CA
Animal Services Plan
Adam Roberts of Born Free this morning on Talking Animals

Only if we have time:

Big Cat Rescue Makes Top 10 ListS

5 Minute Makeover


What a bunch of volunteers can do to a cage in 5 minutes or less.



New Dart Gun Needed for Big 2.5 ac Cage

4 x S150 Syringe Dart, 1.5cc, (Needle Not Included) (DAR S 150)  = $64.00
4 x S10 Syringe Dart 10 cc (Needle sold separately) (DAR S 10)  = $176.00
4 x S500 Syringe Dart 5.0 cc (Needle not included) (DAR S 500)  = $120.00
4 x N2030 needle, 12G x 1.25″ (2mm x 30mm) , plain. (NEE N 2030)  = $34.00
4 x N1538 needle, 15G x 1.5″ (1.5mm x 38mm), plain (NEE N 1538)  = $30.00
4 x N1525 needle, 15G x 1″ (1.5mm x 25mm), plain. (NEE N 1525)  = $30.00
1 x JM Special 25 Package (PD JMSP25)  = $3,695.00
5 x BN 25 needle, 22G  x 1″ (1.1 x 25mm) Blowpipe Needle (BPS BN 25)  =
4 x NC2030 needle, 12G x 1.25″ (2mm x 30mm), collared. (NEE NC 2030)  =
1 x Sleeves-green (ACC SLEEVG)  = $9.00
1 x Sleeves-Red (ACC SLEEVR)  = $9.00
1 x Nylon Syringe (ACC NYLON)  = $13.00
Sub-Total: $4,243.70
FedEx (Fedex Ground (3 days)): $24.81
Total: $4,268.51


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Cat Chat Show Notes July 3 2013

Cat Chat Show Notes July 3 2013

Cat Chat Show 10



Drag Queen Big Cat Bingo



Big Cat Rescue raised $2,336 in 2 hours at Hamburger Mary’s Drag Queen Bingo on July 1, 2013. We completely sold out and they had to turn people away because the place was packed with Big Cat Rescue lovers. Our next event there will be July 30, 2013 and Nov 25, 2013 so be sure to make reservations so that you don’t miss out on all the fun! RSVP to 813 241-MARY


Front Flip


We launched Front Flip at Bingo night where people could scan a QR code to win an iPad or lots of other great prizes. No one won the iPad yet, because the odds are 1/5000 but the good news is that you still can try. Right now you can scan at the sanctuary, but soon we will have a FB app so that you can scan from anywhere in the world.

Drag Queen Bingo

Prizes that people did win were a Leopard notebook, raffle tickets for the 50/50 drawing, free bingo cards and free passes to Big Cat Rescue. We will be bringing the Front Flip game to the event on July 30 at Hamburger Mary’s.



Tigers Painting

PawPaintingShereKhanChinaDoll PawPainting2013 PawPaintingJeffChinaDoll.JPG

We gave the tigers 4 x 4 canvases to paint in Red, White and Blue for Independence Day. These are now on eBay for the next 9 days


Spain AAP

Spain-AAP-00 Spain-AAP-01 Spain-AAP-02 Spain-AAP-03 Spain-AAP-04 Spain-AAP-05 Spain-AAP-06

Big Cat Rescue President Jamie Veronica and our vet, Dr. Justin Boorstein were asked to speak at a conference in Spain. They have been invited back to inspect enclosures as construction ends. The AAP are more of a halfway house. They take animals from horrible circus and pet situations and place them in accredited zoos. They plan is too get as many animals away from irresponsible pet homes and circuses and into better living conditions.


Tonga Video



Tonga, the white serval, had to have his entire nose removed to save his life. It cost $5,000 but has given him an extra year to enjoy and he is still doing very well.



Tour App


The tour app (see it at right) has been updated and submitted to the Android store. It should be live there very soon, and is available in the iTunes store already. Just search apps for Big Cat Rescue.




We have 17 interns and have to turn people away because we don’t have enough housing.






Ad agency Michael Schillig created these posters for us.


Italian Man Killed by Tigers


On Tuesday a 72 year old man was killed by tigers when he walked in the cage to feed them at a zoo that was shut down in 2009.



Kitten Video



Foster kittens, Oscar and Bagheera go crazy in the Cool Cat Cave



Photoshop-Khan Photoshop-Zabu

LaWanna has been playing around in Photoshop to turn our big cat photos into very realistic looking “oil” paintings. She’s been posting them on FB at and is turning them into free eCards you can send at


Legislative Update


Bobcat bill is still bounding through its committees to protect bobcats from being trapped right outside of protected parks in CA.


PeTA began promoting the Big Cat Ban HR 1998 and we are very happy that their millions of supporters now know about this bill. It is the one that will just about end big cat abuse in America.


Adopt a Cat or Kitten


Yesterday I took Dutchess, a tortoiseshell short hair, back to the Humane Society to be fixed and adopted. She raised Baloo and Bagheera and both of them have found fur-ever homes, but now she needs one. She is friendly, talkative and loves to be right in the middle of everything you are doing. She has never met a stranger.



Next Event – Drag Queen Bingo


Hamburger Mary’s July 30 at 7:30 pm RSVP to 813 241-MARY It is at Centro Ybor near Tampa and we sold out on Monday, despite it raining all day and night, so I am sure we will sell out again. Be sure you don’t miss out by reserving now.
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