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Paul Parmar A Man Of The World

Paul Parmar A Man Of The World Pegasus, the legendary mythical winged horse, fills our imaginations with images of power, excitement, and wonder. Whether transporting Zeus through the skies or shooting lighting bolts of energy down to earth, this grand creature has always painted an imagery of possibilities. Paul Parmar, founder and chairman of Pegasus Blue Star Fund, embodies the spirit of this mythical icon. Like Pegasus, Parmar enjoys flying through the sky. A trained fighter pilot, he still flies planes and owns aviation companies. Also Read More

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NFL star visits Big Cat Rescue

Jun 19, 2007 - Chris Simms loves cats of all stripes. During a recent visit to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, for instance, he seemed particularly fond of the ocelots. Simms has kitties at home, too, a pair of housecats named Deuce and Rome. He is quite fond of them, as well. Fortunately, Simms knows the difference between these two groups of felines. Big Cat Rescue wishes everyone did. Thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, that message may have gotten through to a dozen young and impressionable minds last week. A Wednesday trip Read More