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Clouded Leopard Facts

Clouded Leopard Common Name: Clouded Leopard (a.k.a. Mint Leopard, Tree Tiger) Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrata) Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Pantherinae Neofelis Species: nebulosa Discovered in 2007: Borneo Clouded Leopard Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Panthera Species: neofelis diardi Misc.: This species, like the snow leopard, is one of those that is somewhere between the small cats and the great cats in that it can’t purr like the small cats and it can’t roar like Read More

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Clouded leopard: First film of new Asia big cat species

by Matt WalkerEditor, Earth NewsThe Sundaland clouded leopard, a recently described new species of big cat, has been caught on camera.The film, the first footage of the cat in the wild to be made public, has been released by scientists working in the Dermakot Forest Reserve in Malaysia.The Sundaland clouded leopard, only discovered to be a distinct species three years ago, is one of the least known and elusive of all cat species.Two more rare cats, the flat-headed cat and bay cat, were also photographed.Details of the discoveries are published in Read More

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Bornean clouded leopards have largest teeth of any known living cat

10 Remarkable Monsters Named in the Last Ten Years [Monsters Among Us]Dec. 24, 2009 We know that real monsters walk, slither, and crawl among us, and each year we learn more about the amazing creatures from Earth's past and present. We look at ten of the more monstrous names we added this decade. In the last ten years, researchers have discovered thousands of species, both living and extinct. We got dino-eating crocodiles and killer kangaroos; a fish with a transparent head and a demon duck of doom; a bright pink millipede and giant spiders. And Read More

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Singapore Zoo got clouded leopards, fishing cats in 2009

Confining wild animalsStraits Times, The (Singapore) - Friday, December 25, 2009 THE Jurong BirdPark, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo have designated quarantine areas for animals given to them as part of exchange programmes with other wildlife institutions. Every year, about 20 wild animal exchanges take place. The animals are kept in designated areas within the compound for quarantine purposes. This year, the Singapore Zoo received a pair of clouded leopards from Thailand, a pair of fishing cats and two pairs of spot-billed pelicans from Sri Lanka, Read More

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Clouded leopard cubs debut at Nashville Zoo

September 4, 2009Leopard cubs frolic only until NovemberBy Nancy DeVilleTHE TENNESSEAN Three clouded leopard cubs will make their public debut Friday at the Nashville Zoo.The genetically valuable cubs, two male and a female, were born in May and were kept in a secluded area while being hand-raised by zookeepers. Visitors can now spot the trio at the zoo's Critter Encounters area until around November, when the weather gets cool.Mother Jing Jai and her mate, Arun, were imported from Thailand to the Nashville Zoo in 2008 as part of a worldwide conservation Read More