Voting Has Ended!

Well, it has been quite a run!  Thank you for voting and sharing this contest.  Big Cat Rescue should be getting about over $6k from the dollar per vote part, and the $10k for Dorothy Christman being the local winner.

In addition to the $16,000+ your votes have earned Big Cat Rescue in the local contest, there is a contest among the 16 PGA tournaments to see which tournament gets the most total votes. The tournament with the most gets an additional $50,000 to distribute pro rata among its participating nonprofits based on how many votes each got. The Valspar ended up with 14,604 total votes, of which Big Cat Rescue represents 70%.  So, if the Valspar wins, Big Cat Rescue will receive 70% of the $50,000 prize or an additional $35,000 dollars!

Right now the Valspar’s 14,604 votes looks strong relative to the four other tournaments that have finished voting (see chart below). But there are 11 more to go, with the last one finishing its voting on September 4.  You can follow the tournament leader board to see if we remain in the lead at

Sincere thanks to all of our wonderful supporters who voted and to those coming to this page after voting ended but were intending to vote!

















Below is no longer relevant, as voting is over.

The Valspar PGA tournament held at Innisbrook Resort March 10, 2016, as part of their efforts to help local nonprofits, has a fantastic contest this year (for U.S. and Canadian residents only).

Dorothy Christman is a volunteer at the tournament who kindly selected Big Cat Rescue as her designated charity.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT “REGISTER” AS A VOLUNTEER – that is for people who volunteer AT THE TOURNAMENT and doing that does not help us! Follow the directions below and vote for our volunteer named Dorothy Christman.

For each person who voted for Dorothy we got $1 until there were a total of 10,000 votes for the tournament. The Valspar total hit 10,000 votes at 8pm on 2/29 with BCR having about 6700 of the 10,000 votes, far more than any other nonprofit.  So we earned $6700 there.

If Dorothy gets the most votes of any volunteer at the tournament, we get ANOTHER $10,000. We have a big lead, but need to keep voting to insure we keep it.

But, the big prize is yet to come. The tournament that gets the most total votes gets an ADDITIONAL $50,000 to distribute to the participating nonprofits based on how many votes the nonprofit’s volunteer received. So, if the Valspar wins and if Dorothy has, say, 67% of the Valspar votes like she does now (2/29), we get $33,500 of that additional pool of funds, for a total of $50,000!


The contest takes a bit more effort than just clicking to vote, it requires taking a minute or two to fill in your contact information. Full disclosure: It is sponsored by Myrbetriq, a pharmaceutical company that makes an overactive bladder medication. No doubt you will receive a marketing email from them.  But, as always, you can unsubscribe once you do.

This huge prize would be used to jump start our plans to build a 2 acre $250,000 bobcat rehabilitation enclosure that will let us accommodate more orphaned bobcats at once and give them much more room to build their strength and skills. We hope you will take that few minutes to help us do so much more for these orphaned bobcats.

The link to voting is and also appears at the bottom of the step by step instructions below:

Once you go to the link, click on SELECT A PGA TOUR TOURNAMENT

1 hit select tournament



Then in the red VOTE FOR A VOLUNTEER box choose VOTE NOW

1 vote now

Then vote for our volunteer – Dorothy Christman


Christman further down


Last, enter your personal info so your vote counts

1 enter info


After you vote, you should see this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.34.16 PM



You can only vote once, so please ask your friends and family to vote for us too.


Just click this link to vote:

Play the radio ad run by Cox Radio on their 6 local stations:


Valspar Contest

Valspar Contest

Orphaned Bobcat KittenBig Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida is a leader in the rescue, rehabilitation and release back into the wild where they belong of orphaned and injured bobcats.

We do a terrific job of making sure the wild bobcats we rescue — most of whom have been hit by cars or orphaned — are given the medical care they need to become healthy again, taught how to hunt, and given the best opportunity to rebuild their strength and skills. But we want to do an even better job.

This is where you come in! We want to build a new two-acre bobcat rehabilitation area at our sanctuary that will allow us to take in even more bobcats in need and give them much more room to learn how to be bobcats. But the cost will be $250,000.

Contest Valspar Mr and Mrs ClawsRight now the Valspar PGA TOUR tournament, which takes place near us, is holding an amazing contest! We win $1 for every person who votes for us AND we have the opportunity to win up to $50,000 more if the Valspar tournament garners more votes than other competing tournaments.

Can our baby bobcats count on you to take one minute and vote to help them have an even brighter future?

Vote here:

Today at Big Cat Rescue Dec 16 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue Dec 16 2013

Film Wins at My Hero Contest


Award Environmental PSA (Scroll to bottom of page)



There is a playlist of famous people in India speaking out for tigers at this link that will give you goosebumps. Very nicely done.


Pledge To Stop Cub Petting



Recent House Votes


Budget Agreement – passage – Vote Passed (332-94)


Before leaving for the rest of the year, the House passed legislation based on talks between House and Senate conferees that establishes a budget for fiscal 2014 and increases discretionary spending caps for fiscal 2014 and 2015 that would be offset by increases in passenger air travel fees and federal employee pension contributions and a two-year extension of sequester cuts to Medicare. The agreement raises the spending cap for this year to $1.012 trillion from the sequester level of $967 billion established in 2011. The bill modifies oil and gas programs to reduce spending by $4.5 billion over a decade and federal student loan debt collection that would save $5 billion. The compromise passed the House with 169 Republicans and 163 Democrats in support. The Senate is expected to vote on it this week.


Defense authorization – passage – Vote Passed (350-69, 13 Not Voting)


In one of its final acts of the year, the House passed the defense bill (HR 3304) by a vote of 350-69, authorizing $625.1 billion, which would account for more than half of the federal government’s discretionary spending in fiscal 2014. Including mandatory spending, the defense bill authorizes $632.8 billion. To save time in the waning days of the session, the defense authorization agreement was simply loaded onto a small House bill the Senate already had passed. The authorization bill’s is roughly $3.1 billion less than the fiscal 2013 enacted level. Of that, it would authorize $526.8 billion for the Defense Department’s base budget, $80.7 billion for overseas contingency operations — mainly the war in Afghanistan — and $17.6 billion for national security programs within the Energy Department. In addition, the measure would make several statutory changes aimed at reducing sexual assaults in the military. It also would continue the existing ban on transferring detainees held at the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba to the United States.


Congress Failed to Take a Vote to Protect Big Cats


But this is only the first half of a two year session and we will hit the ground running in January 2014 to end the private possession and public contact with big cats.  Be sure to CALL your Senator and Representatives, or VISIT them in purr-son at their district offices, while they are home for the holidays, to ask them to support HR 1998 and S 1381 the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act.  We just found out today that one of the lobbyist who has been hired to try and defeat our bill is working for this criminal.  When bills like this one do get to the floor for a vote, they usually pass pretty much unanimously, but to get to the floor, the members of congress need to know that their voters think it is important.  They need to hear from YOU.


Jeweled Tiger


WEDU 2013 Vote

WEDU 2013 Vote

NIKITA wants you to VOTE! … Would you argue?


WEDU Vote BCR Nikita Lion


Please vote for “10 Reasons Why Big Cats Make Bad Pets” in the video category of WEDU television’s non-profit awards!



(Click on BCR & scroll down to the VOTE button:)


If we win, WEDU will play our video during the awards ceremony, where hundreds of people will learn about the plight of big cats in captivity, and on their website where many more people will see it, all because of YOU!


Thanks so much! ROOOOOAAAARRRR!


Would You Also Give Us 5 Stars in the Doritos Contest?



Wanna see SHERE KHAN destroy a bag of Doritos?! (paper mache) – Check out this cute promo and PLEASE take a second to VOTE for the video in the Superbowl contest!