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Zoo animals, abused lion help fuel support for animal welfare in Lebanon

Animal rights groups fight for stricter legislation, change in public opinionBy Natacha KhalifeSpecial to The Daily StarMonday, November 30, 2009BEIRUT: A woman enters the veterinary clinic of Animals Lebanon (AL), holding a cage in which a red-haired, blue-eyed kitten is loudly meowing. The red-faced woman is screaming; she seems angry. She comes to the front desk of the clinic, opens the cage and throws the kitten at an AL volunteer before leaving and slamming the door."We demanded she bring back this kitten that she adopted here," said Safa Hojeij, Read More

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Animal Intelligence and Heroism

Animal Intelligence and Heroism   While this occurred more than a decade ago, some scientists are still trying to decide if animals are intelligent or if they act purely on instinct.  A cat's instinct to avoid fire and save herself would be far stronger than her instinct to save her kittens, but Scarlett proved that animals act on emotion as well as instinct.  If they know fear, pain, loss, grief, a sense of family, love and so many other emotions that we experience, then how can we treat them as if they do not? Scarlett the cat Scarlett Read More