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Mario Tabraue Zoological Imports Indicted

Mario Tabraue Zoological Imports Indicted   A drug-smuggling ring that killed an informer and cut up his body while trafficking in a half-million pounds of marijuana has been broken, the Federal authorities said today.   The ring also bribed police officers to protect their operation, said Richard Gregorie, the chief assistant United States Attorney here. At one time, the indictment charged, members of the ring used Miami police officers to collect, count and disburse drug profits.   The ring operated for at least Read More

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LION seized in drug raid!

Nikita Lioness seized in drug raid! Listen to Scott Lope talk about Nikita the Lioness his favorite cat at the sanctuary. Nikita was seized by police in a drug raid and when she arrived at Big Cat Rescue she was severely underweight and had developed growths on her legs from lying on a hard surface all the time. Since then eating a grrreat diet and having a one acre enclosure to run around in, she as made a full recovery and is a very large and very beautiful mature lioness! Stay tuned for more spotlights on particular Read More

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Wildlife smuggling nets big bucks for organized crime

3/20/2009Illegally traded animals can end up anywhere from a cooking pot in Asia to a pet shop in EuropeHumming birds bound and stuffed in cigarette packets, snakes and tortoises inside a hollowed out teddy bear, exotic birds' eggs made into necklaces—these are just some of the myriad ways used to smuggle wildlife in a lucrative worldwide trade.Run by organized crime, the illegal trade in wildlife and animal parts is estimated to be worth tens of billions of dollars per year, making it the biggest money-maker for organized crime after drugs, according Read More

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Exotic animals trapped in net of Mexican drug trade

Date: 09-Feb-09Country: MEXICOAuthor: Mica RosenbergMEXICO CITY - From the live snakes that smugglers stuff with packets of cocaine to the white tigers drug lords keep as exotic pets, rare animals are being increasingly sucked into Mexico's deadly narcotics trade.Drug gang leaders like to show off rarities like sea turtle skin boots and build ostentatious private zoos at their mansions.They also reap additional profits by sharing routes with animal traffickers who cram humming birds into cigarette packs and baby monkeys into car air conditioning Read More