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Today at Big Cat Rescue May 17 2013

Today is Endangered Species Day   Today is Endangered Species Day. Take a moment today to enjoy the spectacular endangered pandas and polar bears on live cams. Learn more about elephants, tigers, and gorillas. And celebrate the triumph of the ospreys with Rachel and Steve - once endangered, the osprey has made a steady comeback. Never stop learning, Charlie / BCR Today 2013 May 15 Kansas Rescue Cats   BCR Today 2013 May 15 includes footage of the Kansas Rescue Read More

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Clouded leopard: First film of new Asia big cat species

by Matt WalkerEditor, Earth NewsThe Sundaland clouded leopard, a recently described new species of big cat, has been caught on camera.The film, the first footage of the cat in the wild to be made public, has been released by scientists working in the Dermakot Forest Reserve in Malaysia.The Sundaland clouded leopard, only discovered to be a distinct species three years ago, is one of the least known and elusive of all cat species.Two more rare cats, the flat-headed cat and bay cat, were also photographed.Details of the discoveries are published in Read More

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Sire of first brood of Iberian lynx in captive breeding program has died

Death of the macho ibéricoFebruary 3rd, 2010 | by nick |Garfio, the Iberian lynx who was captured in 2003 and begat the first brood of lynx cubs to be bred in captivity, has died this week from a chronic renal infection at the age of ten. In all he sired 11 little lynxes. El País more complete coverage in Spanish: more about big cats Read More

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India launches website for official tiger death data

NATION | Friday, January 1, 2010Website on big cat death to keep ‘number row’ in checkM Madhusudan | New DelhiCome New Year and tracking every tiger death in the country will now be just a mouse click away.Starting January 6, India will have a dedicated Website to report on every big cat mortality — be it within the 37 tiger reserves in 17 States or outside.“The outcome of a collaboration between the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) and Traffic-India, an NGO engaged in wildlife trade monitoring, the Website Read More

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Enhanced ocelot habitat at Florida zoo provides clear views of endangered cats

Enhanced ocelot habitat at Naples Zoo provides clear views of endangered spotted catsContributed by Naples ZooPosted December 28, 2009 at 4:58 p.m.Many people have heard of an ocelot, but many have never seen one in person. With barely more than 100 of these endangered cats in the nation’s zoos, Naples Zoo is one of the few places where you can see these spotted felines.Now zoo guests can clearly appreciate the beauty of these spotted cats through a 12-foot wide window looking into their newly enhanced habitat. Naples Zoo wishes to honor Susan Read More