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Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 13 2013

Never a Boring Moment - Escaped White Tiger "Sighting"   I was about nine years old and was perched in the highest branches of the pine tree next to our home on Knollwood Dr., in Charleston, WV, looking out toward the airport where my father was the private pilot for Gov. Arch Moore.  It was my favorite spot.  I could see for miles across the hills and valleys.  I was watching planes take off and land at long intervals.  I was bored out of my mind. "God," I implored, "never let me be this bored again." Well you have to be careful Read More

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Declawed Cougar Shot After Killing Dog

MUSKOKA, ONT. - Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources has confirmed that an animal killed by police on the weekend was a cougar, long believed extinct in the province. Police were called after the large cat killed a family dog in the Muskoka area. There have been thousands of believed sightings of cougars in Ontario over the past few years, but this marks the first confirmed cougar killed in the province since 1884.On Monday, MNR spokesperson Jolanta Kowalski said the cougar appeared to be in good health prior to its death. The animal’s Read More

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Bobcat with Collar Roaming Plano TX

Came across this bobcat today living in the back yard of an unoccupied home in Plano. Has been seen in the area and appears to be doing a nice job reducing the rabbit population. The collar suggests she may have an owner she got away from. She is raising a litter under the tool shed in the yard. Questions to Jeff Box, 214 796 4098

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Troy Scotts Bearcat Mauls Intern at TGR Exotics in the Houston

Woman Says Her Boss's Bearcat Mauled Her By CAMERON LANGFORD ShareThis HOUSTON (CN) - The owner of an exotic animal farm let an untrained employee weigh bearcats, and one of the animals viciously attacked her, the woman claims in court.   Brittany Wilmer says Troy Scott keeps a tiger, two hyenas and binturongs aka bearcats on a 10-acre farm called TGR Exotics in the Houston suburb Spring. The farm also has an aardvark, camels, kangaroos, porcupines, a llama, lemurs, a sloth and several other exotic species, according to its Read More

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Pet Tiger Escapes in Mexico Atty Owner May Be Fined 85000

An escaped pet tiger named Deborah spurred a massive deployment of police, firefighters and other first responders in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, authorities said. Apolonio Armenta, the Coahuila delegate of Mexico's environmental protection agency, Profepa, told Efe that alarmed residents began calling police late Wednesday night with reports about a tiger roaming the streets of Saltillo, the state capital. "It was a tigress between 8 and 12 months old that some thieves allowed to escape when they broke into the office of the Read More