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Christmas critters: Parents buying exotic pets as gifts for kids

[The News Herald, Panama City, Fla.]By Shannon Winslow-Claunch, The News Herald, Panama City, Fla.Released : Sunday, December 20, 2009 12:41 PMDec. 20--Don't know what to get little Johnny for Christmas? In an age of commercialism and numbness to the mundane, some parents might be tempted to wow their kids this year with the gift of an exotic pet.Pet stores encourage consumers to do their own research when it comes to adding any pet to the family. But with easy access to baby turtles and parakeets at mall kiosks, impulse buys at Christmas for all Read More

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Where to find an exotic pet

December 14, 2009 3:23 PM ETDivineCarolineGrowing up, the only pet I wanted to own was a Mogwai.The adorable singing, baby-squawking, furry little star of Gremlins had everything I could want in a pet -- a cuddly and unique alternative to the average cat or dog that I was sure I could manage, even with all those pesky rules to keep my little guy from birthing or turning into, literally, a monster.Of course, my dream wasn't a reality, but it fell in line with the concept of owning a pet monkey or playing with tigers and even alligators. Movies and Read More

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The Exotic Menace: When pets become problems

December 14, 2009The Exotic MenaceWhen pets become problemsBy DINAH VOYLES PULVEREnvironment WriterDressed for battle in wetsuits, masks and fins, four volunteers waded into Blue Spring early one morning to catch and remove invasive armored catfish thought to harass Florida manatees and damage the spring's sandy banks.They quickly piled a canoe high with the bony plated fish, more than 800 in just a few hours. They had done the same thing just two weeks earlier.After removing thousands of catfish during the past eight years, Melissa Gibbs, an assistant Read More

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Was cougar killed in Minnesota wild- or captive-born?

Published December 12 2009 DNR: Bemidji cougar’s origin still unknownDNA testing continues on a young male cougar killed by a car Sept. 18 in Bemidji, but early indications may be that a stranger was in our midst. By: Sarah Smith, Park Rapids Enterprise DNA testing continues on a young male cougar killed by a car Sept. 18 in Bemidji, but early indications may be that a stranger was in our midst.“The DNA did not match any other cougar in the database so all that tells us is it’s not a cougar somebody else already detected as part of a study,” Read More

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Margay found with rope around neck rehabilitated, released in Mexico

Margay rescued at Sierra Gorda, MexicoA young Margay (Leopardus weidii) rescued by World Land Trust partners Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG) proved quite a challenge but there was a heart warming outcome.The kitten was found in a house, in a very distressed state with a rope around her neck.Roberto Pedraza (GESG technical adviser) said: "As she was so young we knew we were not able to release her back to the forest straight away, so we reared her for a few months. First we fed her with milk and kitten food, then after a while some dead mice Read More