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Today at Big Cat Rescue Apr 3 2013

Circus Tigers, Flavio, Bengali & SARMOTI   Circle of Life   Today is Jacquie Norris' birthday...but she doesn't know it.  She is my maternal grandmother, although until the end she would insist that she was my mother because she didn't want people to think she was old enough to BE a grandmother.  She was beautiful and smart but after losing my grandfather in 1997, she was never the same.  Depression took her body and mind over the past 15 years and for the last couple of years she Read More

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Mountain lion season closes in southwestern North Dakota

  BISMARCK, N.D. | North Dakota's mountain lion hunting season in a zone in the far southwestern part of the state has closed after the taking of a seventh cat.   North Dakota Game and Fish Department officials say the lion was taken Thursday, filling the late-season quota. The mountain lion season in Zone 2, which is the rest of the state outside Zone 1, has no quota and is open through March 31.   Zone 1 includes land south of ND Highway 1804 from the Montana border to the point where the road lies directly across Read More

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How Mountain Lions Die in the United States

Lions and the way they die part of GF&P statistics   Lions die in many ways in South Dakota.   They get hit by cars and trucks and even motorcycles. They get caught in traps. They drown. They kill each other.   They get sick. They starve. Occasionally, they die while GF&P teams are chasing or handling them in research work.   And, sometimes driven by hunger, they wander into town or kill pets or domestic livestock, to then be killed by local police, Game, Fish & Parks officers and, sometimes, Read More

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Californians for Bobcats

Californians: Stop Wildlife Crime! Good news! Assembly Bill 2179, which targets wildlife crime in California, has passed all hurdles in the state's lower house. Now we need you to push it through the Senate. Please contact your senator today to express support for this animal-friendly legislation. AB 2179, introduced by Assembly MemberMichael Allen (D-Santa Rosa), will facilitate the Department of Fish and Game's ability to prosecute and penalize anyone who violates Fish and Game regulations. (Read more here.) Wildlife exploiters who benefit Read More

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Fish and Game commissioner who killed cougar loses position

Daniel W. Richards was replaced as president of the California Fish and Game Commission on Wednesday, seven months after he sparked a storm of controversy by killing a mountain lion during a hunt in Idaho.   Although the kill was legal in Idaho, California has outlawed the hunting of mountain lions for decades. More than 40 state legislators called for Richards to resign in March, saying he showed poor judgment in killing the cougar when the practice is opposed by most Californians.  At the time, Richards defiantly refused Read More