4 Bobcat Kittens

4 Bobcat Kittens

Four Bobcat Kittens at Big Cat Rescue

Here’s an update on Phoenix and Captiva and our newest bobcat kittens, Rain and Dancer.

Phoenix and Captiva arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 6/25/2015 and Rain and Dancer arrived on 7/16/2015.


Phoenix and Captiva have been transitioned out to our huge rehab enclosure where they are learning to find shelter from the rain, where the best places are to stay cool during the day and are foraging on dead rats and chicks, using a Rube Goldberg Machine.


Rain and Dancer, named after losing our precious Raindance Bobcat at the age of 22, just got their SNAP test, first set of shots, de-fleaing, de-worming and are currently being kept in our West Boensch Cat Hospital onsite until they are big enough to go outside.

Rain and Dancer were found in the middle of a very busy, four lane highway in Lake Placid.  The woman who rescued them took them to her vet.  The tech on duty went out with the woman to see if they could locate the mother to no avail.  The woman who found the kittens was so in love with them that she asked if she could keep them as pets.  The tech told her that wasn’t possible and immediately began looking for a licensed wildlife rehabber who might be able to prepare these youngsters for life in the wild.

It’s fortunate for these kittens that she found Big Cat Rescue.  There are a number of wildlife rehabbers in Florida, but none of the facilities offer the huge, natural enclosures, completely away from people with CCTV monitoring and proven methods for teaching the bobcats how to hunt and survive in the real world.  Even though our facilities for rehab and release are the best in the state (and probably the world) we want to expand them so the cats have more room to build strong muscles and hunting skills.


We have the land, but just the first phase of construction will cost $80,000.  If you would like to help click here or check out the way to give on Facebook just below the video.


Big Cat Rescue signed up with GoodWorld so that when we need the help of our social supporters we can just ask them to go to the comments section, in Facebook and write #donate and the dollar amount they want to give.

The first time they do it they will need to register with GoodWorld, but after that they can donate any time they want by just posting #donate $20, for example and their donation will be automatic, without the need for filling out more forms.

Once a supporter is registered with GoodWorld, they can use the #donate on any Facebook or Twitter site that is a member cause.

More about how that works here:  http://bigcatrescue.org/goodworld/


Save Cats Kittens From Cruel Testing

Save Cats Kittens From Cruel Testing

Save Cats & Kittens From Cruel Testing

cat and kittensDomestic cats need your help! USDA is currently accepting comments regarding a petition asking USDA to require laboratories that experiment and conduct “research” on cats and other animals to provide specific information about how they are using the animals.

Big Cat Rescue believes if more people become aware of the horrific torture cats are enduring, the public will no longer support such abuse.

Please submit your comments IN FAVOR of AMENDING THE ANIMAL WELFARE ACT TO REQUIRE LABS TO PROVIDE SPECIFIC INFO ABOUT HOW THEY ARE USING ANIMALS here: http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=APHIS-2015-0033

The deadline to submit a comment is Aug. 24, 2015.

Most of the comments have been by the industry who wants to keep their dirty secrets out of sight.

Now at Big Cat Rescue Feb 13 2015

Now at Big Cat Rescue Feb 13 2015

Fun Photos on Friday the 13th

DBC-2015-01-20 14.19.16

Andi Bobcat up in her tree at Big Cat Rescue

Family-Dad-2015-02-06 15.14.27

Vernon Stairs posts new tour sign at Big Cat Rescue

DBC-2015-01-20 14.28.33

Little Dove Bobcat peeks out of her den at Big Cat Rescue

DBC-2015-01-20 14.55.15

Natasha Lynx enjoys a spice bag a few weeks ago at Big Cat w

Aspen Echo Cougar strikes a pose at Big Cat Rescue

DBC-2015-01-20 14.56.50

Aspen Echo looks so regal in front of her cave den at Big Cat Rescue

DBC-2015-01-20 14.57.05

Do you look at your cat, with half closed eye, to show your love?

DBC-2015-01-20 15.03.04

Tonga the White Serval still doing well, years after cancer was removed from his nose.

DBC-2015-01-20 15.03.29

Tonga the White Serval gets ready for his role as the Easter Bunny

DBC-2015-01-20 15.06.03

Mickey the cougar, who had torn ACLs in both back legs will get second surgery soon.

DBC-2015-01-20 15.08.58

Mickey the cougar has improved in his ability to use the knee repaired by Dr. Callum Hay.

DBC-2015-01-20 15.09.06

A big shout out from Mickey Cougar to everyone who helped him get the first surgery.

DBC-2015-01-20 15.09.07

…and a plea, from Mickey Cougar to help fund the second ACL surgery.

DBC-2015-01-20 15.11.14

Angelica Bobcat caught just before breaking into a huge yawn.

DBC-2015-01-20 15.12.18

Thurston and Lovey napping in their tree house at Big Cat Rescue.

DBC-2015-01-20 15.19.03

Genie Sandcat sees no reason to leave her heated Skippy Bed for the photographer.

DBC-2015-01-21 14.01.34

Narla Cougar regrets the cat nip binge from last night at Big Cat Rescue.

DBC-2015-01-27 10.47.25

Gale Ingham shows a painting of Windsong Bobcat by Intern Julia Doane.

DBC-2015-01-27 14.31.31

Canvas prints of our cats were donated by Vanessa Fernandez & family for sale in our gift shop.

DBC-2015-01-27 14.31.42

The gorgeous canvas prints hang in the office as they sell one at a time in the gift shop.

DBC-2015-01-27 14.31.54

The eyes over the door are not for sale, but the beautiful leopard on the right is.

DBC-2015-01-27 14.32.25

See which ones are still available at www.BigCatRescue.biz

DBC-2015-01-27 14.32.37

This is the staff meeting room at Big Cat Rescue.

DBC-2015-01-27 14.32.46

Our Keepers all wear radios while on property and these radio speakers are in & on the buildings.

DBC-2015-02-02 15.30.44

Jennifer Leon and our Legislative Interns keep this area looking nice where guests are able to speak out for the cats.

DBC-Ariel-Bobcat-2015-01-20 15.01.25

Ariel Bobcat has been moved from rehab to her permanent cage, but is still a little shy.


Moms and kittens enjoy the expert care by our Interns in the FosteringIsCool.com program.

Family-2015-01-17 14.55.23

Vern uses a drill, found by Dr. Justin and Jamie, to tie on the 9 gauge wires.

Family-2015-01-17 14.55.27

Doing that by hand would just wring your wrists off!

Family-Dad-2015-02-06 14.54.05

Vern attaches the sign to the front of the Windsong Memorial Hospital.

DBC-2015-01-20 14.20.34

Andi Bobcat does her best hoot owl im-purr-sonation.

Now at Big Cat Rescue Aug 3 2014

Now at Big Cat Rescue Aug 3 2014



Cougar VS Armadillo


The cougar “cubs”, Ares, Artemis and Orion get an armadillo and Gale has to save him.  Jamie & Vern plan some big cat cages and moves.  Tommie Girl is up on her new platform made by Jen & Darren Holley.  The kittens escape!  Nakita Lion gets enrichment made by summer campers.  Joseph Lion gets a watermelon.  Nikita Tiger goes on “vacation.”  A rare conversation with the family matriarch, Barbara.  Jamie & Carole talk about getting the newsletter done.

They really wanted to keep the armadillo.

Ares the mountain lion

Now at Big Cat Rescue July 5 2014

Through Glass Video Thru July 4 2014



I love Google Glass because it can give YOU a view of what it is like to run a big cat sanctuary from my purr-spective;  up close and purr-sonal.  But it doesn’t record in HD, so if I try to edit video captured with Glass and video captured from my iPhone, which is high def, it produces a finished product that is not high def.

Maybe that is because I use iMovie.  I need to learn Final Cut Pro, but it makes sense that you can’t record in 720 and produce 1080.

Anyway, this is 30 minutes of video from the last month that I hope you will enjoy.  It includes:

Justin Kittens Cabana 2014 JulyWorking on the new Intern housing, that is now done and called the Sandcat Sand Castle.

Vern explaining to me how the charger works for the new extended golf cart we bought to carry 6 passengers at a time.

Running through the airport to catch a plane to NY for the NY tiger rescue.

Jamie and Gale talking about how they get so worked up before a rescue that they can’t sleep the night before.

Breathing hard as I hide behind a den and try to catch a leopard.

Inside the Humane Society of Tampa Bay checking to make sure our foster kittens have all been adopted and picking up a Siamese mother cat and her cute 3 newborn kittens.

Discussing how we will fix a cage that has been warped by the growth of a huge old oak tree.

Someone donates a dozen Bear Claw Retractable Back Scratchers and I go comb the mats out of Little Feather’s fur.

Jamie and Carole discuss how the kitten class should be made into a better video class.

We pick up some donated tiger toys and learn how to tie a half hitch knot in the process.

One of the mother cats, Lucy, has arrived very ill and needs sub-Q fluids.  She has since recovered and is now up for adoption at the HSTB.

Vern shows us a $239k piece of equipment that we would dearly love to own, but have to rent for now.

Dr. Justin, Jamie, Chris, Gale and I rave over Loving Friend’s (Laura and J.T.) new tiger transport wagon.  It’s a beauty and SO functional.  We really want one, but it’s $5,000 to have it built.  We discuss how we can get 4 transports inside their vehicle for the NY tiger rescue.