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Sabre Male Leopard DOB 3/1/92 Rescued 7/20/95 Sabre was 3 years old when he arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 7/20/95. Though he was only supposed to be here temporarily, his former owner moved and left no forwarding address. This could have been another sad ending as most are in the exotic pet world. Luckily, we had taken Sabre in and he will have a home here for life. He is very playful and fun loving and always has a mischievous look on his face. He loves to act very silly, running about his cat-a-tat and jumping on top of his mountain Read More

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Leopard Facts

Leopard   Common Name: Leopard Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrata) Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Pantherinae Panthera Species: pardus (asian) Sub-species: (Not all listed, these are the most common)   Javan leopard - P.p. melas Amur leopard - P.p. orientalis Indian leopard - P.p. fusca North Chinese leopard - P.p. japonensis Somali leopard - P.p. nanopardus Zanzibar leopard - P.p. adersi Sinai leopard - P.p. jarvisi Sri Lankan leopard - P.p. kotiya Barbary leopard Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 8 2013

In Washington, DC and at the Sanctuary Flavio, the world's oldest tiger enjoying 2.5 acre Vacation Rotation enclosure Meeting with staffers and key people to ban the abuse and private ownership of big cats. Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 8 2013 Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Mar 2 2013 on NatGeo Wild

Big Cat Attacks and the Big Cat Club   Zabu at 2:56, can you pick out our other big cat stars? Read More

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Leopard News

  Your One Stop Source for All Articles About Leopards   These headlines linked to the story when it broke, but news portals often change their link structure after the first day, so some articles may not load.  Follow Big Cat Rescue so that you never miss an important leopard story. Leopard leopard View "Leopard" on Spundge  This is where you can find out about everything that is happening with leopards and get involved to make a difference.  The opinions expressed in the news articles above do not necessarily Read More